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Who is blackfacehypehouse’s, Dillon Miller? Tiktok Account Deleted After Racist Outrage Explained


Who is blackfacehypehouse’s, Dillon Miller? Tiktok Account Deleted After Racist Outrage Explained: The most famous and controversial TikTok account is hitting the Internet again. Yes, the TikTok account with the username black face hype house has been deleted after a huge controversy. However, it is not the first time that this TikTok account has gained attention for making racist content in the videos. As we all know, many Tik Tokers have been making headlines nowadays after posting something that is inappropriate or for increasing their followers. Just like that, black face hype house is the one account that always surfaces over the internet for its content. In this article, you are going to get more details about the black face hype house. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Who is blackfacehypehouse’s, Dillon Miller?

The recent video that has been circulating on the Internet in which a college student can be seen covering his face with black paint. It was a lip-sync video that is created by black musicians. Apart from this video, the account is containing much other provocative content. As we told you before that a video has been going viral on the Internet. It is getting much response on several social media sites as people are reacting to it. As per the reports, the student who has been featured in the video has been recognized by a netizen.


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Why was Blackfacehypehouse’s Tiktok Account Deleted?

The video has been featuring a content creator named Dillon Miller based in Manchester. Along with this, the account has gained around 600 followers. But since the account started posting racial content, it is being criticized by many all over the Internet. Talking about Dillon Miller, He is 17 years old. He is getting huge attention from the netizens for his videos and many other reasons too. Now, even his college in which he is studying has also been criticized by the netizens for not taking any serious action against him after all his serious and controversial actions. However, there is no details about his education organization is available yet.

Blackfacehypehouse Blackfacehypehouse

Tiktok Account Blackfacehypehouse’s Deleted After Racist Outrage

The netizens who are continuously reacting to the video, have clearly said that the student Dillon Miller has been provoking and promoting racism. All his posted videos have amassed a good amount of views. The video has been shared on several different social media platforms. Many social media users have reported the TikTok account and many are also expressing their anger over the account. Currently, the account has been deleted by the TikTok authorities and the investigation for further details has been going on. Whenever we will get any update regarding the matter, we’ll let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for more exclusive updates.





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