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Who Is Bitsy Brennan, UBS Employee Assault Video On Twitter Explained


Who Is Bitsy Brennan, UBS Employee Assault Video On Twitter Explained, Karen & Son ASSAULT an Innocent Black Man Working: Bitsy Brennan is making the news headlines as she has been assaulted by a black man. But this hasn’t been done by her alone her son is also involved in this along with her. This news is also circulating on social media platforms. And there are many users who want to know more about her. A video of her has been passed on the social media platforms and seeing her reactions with a black man many of the users are talking against her. So a parking video lot has become a viral video now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bitsy Brennan

Who Is Bitsy Brennan?

A mother who has been becoming viral now along with her son in a video of a Parking lot. His son is also seen misbehaving with a black man and this inappropriate and cruel behavior with her son now getting viral and they are also facing hatred from the users.  So she has been completed her graduation from the University of Alabama.

Bitsy Brennan

We don’t have much information about her as there is no info about her on any of her social media accounts. So we will be going to provide you with the new information. So you can watch a video on the internet you can watch this and see how she has been behaving. A victim in a video named Johnny Martinez has been alleged Bitsy for assaulting him. So on November 27, 2021.

Bitsy Brennan

WATCH: Bitsy Brennan UBS Employee Assault Video

So in the video, you guys will get to see that when he was checking for the permits of the car in the garage area at the Riverside apartment which is in Nashville. And he was doing so on Saturday after 8:00 pm. All this has happened at the parking lot. So while he was checking for the routine parking audits for his employee he has been late approached by his mother and her son also.

And both of them were near the elevators. They suddenly stopped and not even asked to hi about how he came here. S Martinez said to him that he is just doing his job here. And later they asked him to show his IDs, later pressurized him to bring out his camera and started to film everything inside and now this video is getting viral What the duo has been doing to a black man. Stay glued to GetIndiaNews.

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