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Who is Bethany Shriever? British BMX racer Bethany Shriever Crowdfunding To Gold Story Explained!


The athlete that is representing Britain in the Tokyo Olympics has had a really inspiring journey as she has proved by her journey that things are possible if you really put on the hard work as one day it is going to pay off, She is a BMX racer from British and she had to set up a campaign that was dependent on crowdfunding for her to compete in the Tokyo games and she has gone to win the gold medal in the biggest stage of all.

Bethany Shriever

Who is Bethany Shriever?

When we talk about the year 2019, the athlete raised about 50,000 pounds through crowdfunding and it has been reported that she does not receive funding from the UK government which is the reason for her having a crowdfunding campaign because of the high expenses which are needed to train for the Olympics.

Why Did Bethany Shriever Launch A Crowdfunded Campaign

BBC has stated, it was announced by the government that they are only going to be funding the male riders as they are heading towards the Tokyo Olympics after which the female athletes got really worried as to how they are going to arrange money for the equipment and their diet which is going to be pretty expensive as they are going to be preparing for Olympics.

She has also stated, everything used to be paid for her by British cycling when she was a youngster in the sport so this was something of a big worry for the athlete.

What Did Bethany Shriever Go Through

She genuinely thought that this time she is not going to be the part of Olympics as she heard the news about funds cutting, she stated further about the competition as she told, all of her rivals do this full-time and are being taken care of by the authorities and she further stated, she is the only one who is not getting any kind of help.

She stated, it has been a dream for her to perform in the Olympics and it is going to be really hard for her if she is not allowed to be part of the Olympics just because she couldn’t arrange the money.

But it seems like, the BMX rider made it to the Olympics which is all thanks to the public who funded her for the event and she went on to win the gold and she made history at the biggest of them all and she has all the right to be proud of herself as the whole country already is to what she has done.

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