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Who is Bethany Mandel? American Writer Shares ‘Disgusting’ Disposable Mask Pictures


Recently, a Twitter user posted a picture of a dirty disposable mask that has created a huge buzz on the internet. Let’s find out the whole matter. Firstly, we would like to tell you that the name of the Twitter user is Bethany Mandel, a female. She has become the center of attention since she shared the pictures of disposable masks. As we all know that nowadays how important it is to wear a mask due to coronavirus. Meanwhile, some pictures have been shared by Twitter in order to aware the citizens to wear only clean and hygienic masks.

Bethany Mandel

Who is Bethany Mandel?

Bethany is a freelance writer and also a stay-at-home mother. She mainly writes on culture, politics, and Jewish issues from the political conservative perspective. She served at the outlet Tablet. She is also working as an editor at Ricochet. She also works for Desert News as a contributor writer. Bethany is quite active on social media, especially on Twitter. Her Twitter handle name is @bethanyshondark where she has earned more than 82,000 followers. She collected 5,212 followers on her Instagram account. She often posts her pictures along with her children and husband. She has a beautiful family having five children and her husband.

As per her Twitter bio, she tied the knot with Seth Mandel who is working at the Washington Examiner Mag as an executive editor. Earlier, she has worked for New York Post and Commentary. Her husband’s bio states, “Father of the five Irish Jewish kids on earth.” Recently, Bethany shared two pictures of disposal masks that contains yellowish stain and it looks like completely contaminated. She captioned her post, “This mask is like this after one day”. Several people reacted immediately to her post and soon the flood of reactions have come on Twitter including some positive and negative comments.

What did Bethany Mandel say on Twitter?


Before posting these two pictures, she tweeted about the parents scaring children into wearing masks. After her latest post, the people start judging her saying that she let her children wearing such dirty masks. One user tweeted, “If that’s your kids’ mask, please take them to a doctor because that’s not normal. knowing you, it’s just a stunt you’ve done for clicks. No one’s masks look like this after one day. Nurses had to wear the same masks until they disintegrated, and ours didn’t look like that.” Her Twitter handle is still filled with the reactions of the users. However, she seems unaffected after all that happened.

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