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Who is Berfin Ozek, Before and After Photos – Woman marries boyfriend jailed for acid attack – Age, Instagram


Who is Berfin Ozek, Before and After Photos – Woman marries boyfriend jailed for acid attack – Age, Instagram: A young Turkish woman has married a man who hurled acid on her face and her eyes and left her permanently. Everyone has surprised when she married her boyfriend, who is the same man that execute an acid attack on her. Newsflash firstly reported that 20-year-old Barfin Ozek tied a knot with 23-year-old Kasim Ozan Celtic this month. Just after the two years of her incident with the same person. Ozek in disbelief with, once the poster girl of the country’s anti-acid attack campaigns, has now left everyone her decision. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Berfin Ozek

Who is Berfin Ozek?

They both previously dated and asked to separate at the time, when her boyfriend shouted at her and said “If I can’t have you, no one can not do, just before throwing acid on her face.

Berfin Ozek Before and After Photos

The acid attack on her left face spoils her eye and became partially blind. At that time Ozak filed a police complaint against Celtic. After her complaint police arrested the Celtic. However, Celtic makes a request for her to return her complaint by showing her love messages and he begged her for mercy. Ok, agreed to withdraw his complaint “with writing: We have written several letters to each other. I have given myself to him. I love him very much and she also loves me very much.

Berfin Ozek Berfin Ozek Berfin Ozek Berfin Ozek

Ozek, however, was castigated on social media by its followers and supporters. After this, she requests a to judge take back her complaint. However, changes in the law due to coronavirus -Celtik was recently released on probation but he is not exempt from the court of public opinion. Her newfound independence has sparked outrage online, given that Berfin Ozek was in constant pain and had only thirty percent vision from one eye. Members of the Turkish public were left further upset when Celtik immediately proposed to Ozen following his release- and she accepted.

Berfin Ozek Age, Instagram

They married this month while posting her wedding pics that showed the mutilated bride signing legal documents. When Berfin Ozek’s father saw these photos they were shocked and he refused to attend the wedding ceremony.

According to the news, her dad said that ” she married without our knowing. I have fought for her for many years, and now all of this has been in vain. A lawyer told that “if it weren’t for the pandemic Celtic would still in the bars. The Berlin Ozek is yet to respond to the huge criticism received on social media. One man criticized me by saying if someone asks me for the most dumped person in the world I will answer by saying this woman’s name.

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