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Who is Barry Cryer’s wife Theresa Donovan, and how many children do they have?


Who is Barry Cryer’s wife Theresa Donovan, and how many children do they have?: Barry Cryer was widely known for his work in “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” a radio comedy panel game of BBC 4 but now his name has come in headlines due to his wife whose name was Theresa Donovan ass she has been passed away recently. Due to the stellar personality and popularity throughout the world netizens are searching about his wife and eager to know the death cause of Barry Cryer’s wife, this article will let you know all the important information regarding her life and death, so read till the last line. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Barry Cryer

Who is Barry Cryer’s wife Theresa Donovan?

Barry was a famous comedian, writer, and actor but he is on leave for a long time and living his life behind closed doors with his family, unfortunately, his loving wife Theresa died on 25th January 2022. Theresa and Barry have four children together, Barry’s wife was a singer as per the reports of FameChain and Barry used to call her wifey by the name of Terry. As she never remained in the media’s limelight and always managed a distance from the media her personal information was not much available on the web but we can assure that the couple was living together happily for a long time with their children.


Barry Cryer’s marriage details:

The veteran comedian first met his wife Theresa when he was practicing for his performance in a show and on the same day he also met Ronnie Corbett for the first time after that day Theresa and Barry started sparing time together and one day veteran comedian tossed a coin and reached to a decision of marrying Theresa. The couple tied the marriage knot back in 1962 in Bristol, England and at that moment Barry was at the age of 26 years. And the couple walked together on the marriage path for 60 years until his wife died. As per the reports both Barry was dwelling in his home in Middlesex where he lived with his family for 54 years which he purchased in 1967 for 10,400 Pounds.

Barry Cryer and Theresa Donovan’s children:

Both share four kids together of which three are boys and one girl. Jackie is the only girl of the pair who is nowadays conducting choirs also remained as a singer in her career and Bob, Dave, and Tony are the three boy children of the pair. Bob is following his father’s path of a career as he is also making his career in writing and acting. Stay tuned for more details with us on this page.


Barry Cryer was a popular writer, actor and was also well known as a comedian, he had lived an amazing journey in his life and made his name large by his dedication to his work, a sad wave been flowing in the air since his death news has come out and people are sending their condolences and pouring tribute to the legendary comedian and writer on the social media. This article will help the reader to know everything related to Barry Cryer’s life. Here is everything to read about his family and children, so read the below-placed sections to know how many children he had? who was the wife of Barry Cryer? when did he get married to his wife? all you will get in one place.

Barry Cryer was married to Theresa Donovan and his wife also remained as a singer during her time in the industry both lived together as a couple for over 60 years and both were married back in 1962, Theresa and Barry were blessed with four children as three out of four are sons and one is a daughter of the pair. Dave, Bob, Tony, and Jackie are the names of their children. Barry Cryer was also the grandfather to 7 grandchildren and he also had a great-grandchild. However few of his children chose to make their careers in the showbiz world and the rest have kept themselves away from it. Read below to know about Barry’s children one by one.

Bob Cryer:

Bob has followed the footmarks of his father and gained stardom by his acting & writing skills like his father Barry. Bob took birth on 24th November 1973 in London. Bob wrote a volume titled Mrs. Hudson’s Diaries with his dad Barry, this book is a comical reimagining of Sherlock Holmes stories.

Tony Cryer

Tony is a professor in a university and he has also worked as a runner for TV as he received credits for producing runner for movies their names are The Hound Of The Baskervilles and The Sign Of Four, both were released in 1980.

Dave Cryer

According to his dad Barry statement in an interview with The Daily Mail in 2013, Dave is a computer wizard and Dave always remained behind the camera throughout his life and kept himself away from media.

Jackie Cryer

Jackie is the only daughter of her parents Theresa and Barry, she is a former singer and she also conducted choirs. Just like her brother Dave she also managed a fine distance from the media limelight.

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