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Who Is Barry Accius? Sacramento Shooting Witness and Activist


Who Is Barry Accius? Sacramento Shooting Witness and Activist: After a sudden shooting at Tuesday’s city council meeting in Sacramento, community activist Barry Accius spoke as residents voiced their worries about the Stephon Clark killing. as per the authorities six persons have been killed and ten have died in the shooting. when suddenly there was starting shooting people were trying to save their lives and they were running in a different direction and it created a horror atmosphere there. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Barry Accius

Who Is Barry Accius?

after having an erupted shooting, the neighborhood was densely filled with bars and cafes, people fled through the roads. everywhere people were running and they could not understand what was happening around them. after the incident in the early hours of Sunday morning, police officers had sealed the place and the neighborhood location between 9th and 13th streets. police and authorities were pleased to people to infront with any evidence, who was behind this crime. it was not a simple matter. many people have lost their lives and many are suffering from the pain of the shooting.

Police are searching for the leader, who did this crime. now, the police could only. these criminals should get punishment, so in the future, these kinds of activities could not happen. police are also thinking that it was done by the internal power or some external power was leading the crime.

Barry Accius: Sacramento Shooting Witness and Activist

Barry Accius is a man, as per the report he saw everything. he was a local, community leader who was a witness to the April 3, 2022 shooting in downtown Sacramento. Barry is also the CEO at Voice of The Youth by profession. this crime had an impact on the whole over the world. many countries around the world are criticizing the shooting and asking authorities for an answer. who did the crime took place in the council meeting?

Netizens are also criticizing the shooting at the council meetings. this takes an action on authorities management. they are demanding to the police and authorities to find the criminal and they are trending on social media. they are demanding their rights. Barry Accius is not the only person who is a witness to the crime. everyone has this obligation gained towards the authorities that they are finding the correct reason behind the shooting crime. in which families lose their members, who never become into their home.

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