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Who is Augustina Lynch, Missing Girl Leederville Age, Photos, Suspect Name, and more!


Who is Augustina Lynch, Missing Girl Leederville Age, Photos, Suspect Name, and more!: The news is making the headlines about a 14-year-old girl who is missing in West Leederville. Missing news of such a little and innocent girl is also scattering all around the web and social platforms. While numbers of netizens are getting so impatient to know more about her so that they can help her parents and the officials. Her parents are so disheartened that their daughter is missing and they are worried about her which is so obvious. So let’s get into the article below and grab more details on her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Missing Girl Leederville Augustina Lynch

Who is Augustina Lynch?

As per the sources, the name of a 14-year-old is Augustin Lynch and she has been missing from Lake Monger Drove which is near Northwood Street. She had been missing from 6:30 pm and this incident took place on Thursday at night. Her parents have been contacted about the piece and they informed them that their daughter is missing and also use to be told about her looks and share her photo with them. So at the time of her missing she was in a black hat, blue jumper which has white stripes and she carried it along with a skirt. And this makes it easy for the piles to know her better.

Missing Girl Leederville Augustina Lynch

And her height according to her partner is 168cm tall and she has a smiling face, fair skin color, and hairs that are told with rubber and were in a ponytail. Her parents are heartbroken and this is the most difficult time for them. They keep on praying to God to let their little girl be found soon.

There are numerous question which is researched by the netizens but the answer to these question isn’t available on any of the platforms yet as the police are still searching for her and also investigating the matter deeply. So police use to call a helicopter and they searched for her with the help of this but she hasn’t been found yet and a search for her is still on the way. There have been posters on the ear by areas from where a 14-year-old was missing.

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