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Who Is Ashley Reeves? Left for dead: Samson Shelton Ashley Reeves True Story of Student-Teacher Relationship


There is a story which s being reopened again and it is the story of ‘The Ashley Reeves story’ which is going to give you chills as it is going to have trauma and is about resilience which is a true case, it has been stated in the Illinois Daily Journal that 17-year-old Ashley Reeves got disappeared on 27th April 2006 and then she was found about a day later somewhere in a park as she was just holding on to her life as her neck was broken,

Ashley Reeves

Who Is Ashley Reeves?

She was being choked and she was breathing intensively and was struggling to intake oxygen when the authorities did find her and it was later found out by the authorities that she is in this condition as it was done to her by a guy naming Samson Shelton who was 26 years old and was a high school teacher.

Samson Shelton and Ashley Reeves Relationship Story

The guy met Reeves when they both were in middle school and then they went on to be in a relationship with each other, the guy was sentenced to have 20 years in prison which happened in the year 2007 as he was pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. It has been stated by the CBS that Shelton spoke to them and he stated that the3 bruises and the pain that was inflected on her was done by her only as he was trying to break up with her and he further stated that he was trying push her out of the running car and he further stated that when her neck got broken,

He carried her to a park and left her there to make it look like as she got strangled in the park and then Reeves also came out with a statement which she gave to Crime Watch Daily as she told them that things got quickly escalated when she was trying end things with him, she also stated in the interview that the experience was horrendous for her that she got really traumatized and she doesn’t remember what happened in those days as she was so confused to what is happening to her and she was in a panic mode for the longest time after the incident happened.


It has been stated by the CBS that the woman had to learn how to swallow, how to talk and how to move her limbs again as she lost the ability to do all of this after the incident but she fought the situation and came out to be on top of it and it is really inspirational of her.

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