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Who is Ashish Lata Rambogin? Mahatma Gandhi Great Great Granddaughter jailed for 7 years in fraud case


It seems like that there is a new buzz that has been making people curious about what is happening in South Africa as the great-granddaughter of our beloved Bapu, the great Mahatma Gandhi has been sentenced to jail for about 7 years as she is involved in fraud which is for 6 million and has been punished for the forgery case and this has been reported by the PTIon Tuesday and she has been found guilty for the fraud and her name is Ashish Lata Rambogin and she is 56 years of age.

Mahatma Gandhi Great Great Granddaughter

Who is Ashish Lata Rambogin?

and it seems like that it is going to be a difficult task for her to make an appeal to the authorities as it has been stated by the Durban Specialised Commercial Crime Court that they are refusing the appeal for both the sentencing and the conviction and it seems like that she is going to be in real trouble, she is the daughter of Mewa Rambogin and the rights activist Ela Gandhi and it seems like people are going to judge her on the basis of the history of her family and are also going to relate her to the great man which is going to affect her mentally.

Mahatma Gandhi Great Great Granddaughter

She has been charged for defrauding a businessman naming SR Maharaj as the gut gave her a loan of 6.2 million rands which is about 3.22 crores and she has also done another stupid thing as she has cleared the customs duties and has managed to clear the import which is a non-existent package which is from India and the businessman was also promised that he is going to receive the profit to some extent.

The trial did start in the year 2015 and at that time it was stated by the national prosecuting authority as their spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Muulaudzi that she has managed to make false paperwork as she made people believe that there are 3 containers of linen that are coming from India but in reality, there are no boxes and after all of this happened she was then released after bail of 50000 rands.

the businessman and she met in the year 2015 and he is one of the most renowned businessmen of the locality and she got caught as she was trying to make fool of the customs department and also the company from which she has taken a loan of 6.2 million rands.

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