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Who is Armadillo on The Masked Singer? Spoilers Alert


‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers: Who is Armadillo on The Masked Singer?: The highly anticipated show The Masked Singer is luring the audience with season 7 which is running in full swing at this point in time. We have got to watch only four episodes of season 7 but it won’t be wrong if we say this is the best season we ever have of The Masked Singer. People are enjoying the exciting performances of the hidden singers. In the last episode, we witnessed four exits from the show and also got to enjoy the performances of stars in Group B. Among all the stars of Group B, Armadillo has come as the most anticipated star who is being predicted by the fans. We have got some imperative and interesting information for the fans of The Masked Singer so you are advised to go down the page and read all the paragraphs of this story. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

The Masked Singer Spoiler

Who is Armadillo on The Masked Singer?

First of all, we tell you that this article might contain some spoilers for the fans who have not watched last week’s episode of the show. Last week we have witnessed that a star from Group B was eliminated. Six stars performed in last week’s episode for the first time masked as Armadillo, Lemur, Hydra, Ringmaster, and Miss Teddy. And the singer who got eliminated from the show last week was Lemur whose real identity was revealed as Christie Brinkley, a supermodel just as all of us thought. Now people want to know who is the real person behind the mask of Armadillo.

Many questions are being searched on the internet like Who is Armadillo? And after doing a deep study we have concluded that Dog the Bounty Hunter is the person who is behind the mask of Armadillo. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s real identity is Duane Chapman. As this is the conclusion of various unofficial reports you can not rely cent percent on this information as it can also become wrong.

The Masked Singer Spoiler

The Armadillo performed on his first appearance in the show on Johnny Rivers’ song Secret Agent Man. We said Duane Chapman is the real person who is hidden behind the mask of Armadillo on the basis of Armadillo’s attire in last week’s episode. Armadillo wore sunglasses and boots, both are the signature of Duane Chapman, and Armadillo also revealed his birth was taken place on a mountain (Duane’s hometown is Denver) and he grew up in a den (Duane ran away from his house when he was just 15 years old to become the member of a motorcycle gang).

The Masked Singer is a highly popular show which has massive fans all around the world. All we are gonna update you with is the most searched query about one of the contestants in the show who set the stage on fire with a tremendous performance. Since the performance of Armadillo people is getting so keen to know about this masked singer. Then you guys are on the right platform and we are going to update you with complete detail of the show.

This is the seventh season of the show and the audience is so crazy for it, this is doing great as compared to the previous episodes of the show. We know that the curiosity level of your’s is so high to know who is Armadillo?

So, it’s not delayed anymore, and get into the ‘article below with a piece of complete information:-

He was introduced to this season along with the participants such as Hydra, Miss Teddy, Lemur, and Ringmaster. While the Lemur was revealed to be model Christie Brinkley, the Armadillo’s identity was kept secret.

According to the judges, it is the mix of Vouge possibilities and wild wishful thinking with Chuck Norris, CHiPs actor Erik Estrada, and Vin Diesel thrown out as identities. As per the several claims passing on the social media platforms from the enthusiasts of the show, saying that Dog the Bounty Hunter at a 2007 book signing, is Armadillo.

One more piece of proof is here to be believed is that Armadillo used a DOG quiet while he was introducing ing himself on the stage. While in the episode first, he said, “I was born on a mountain and raised in a cave, scrapping and singing is all I crave.”

Here is a hint which made the actor and the audience believe that Armadillo is an action movie actor, after he was talked about “chasing down my enemies, also having “tough exterior” and letting “stuffed, dented or straight-up bruised” after works.”

There was one more clue from his side that he said, “Chasing down my enemies?” He also says the advertised product wipe[s] out scum like nothing else.”

Armadillo was in boots and he is with one more man who is with sunglasses and both of them were the trademarks of Duana “Dog” Chapman.

Stay tuned to get more updates on the show.

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