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Who is Anthony Solima, Man Arrested in Deadly Shooting at Tesla Factory


Who is Anthony Solima, Man Arrested in Deadly Shooting at Tesla Factory: A piece of shocking news has been coming into the headlines about a Tesla employee, Anthony Joseph Solima who has been arrested after being accused of killing a male co-worker. Yes, you read it right that Solima shot his co-worker and killed him in the parking lot of his workplace. The news has been going viral on the internet widely and getting everyone’s attention. The incident took place on 13 December 2021. People are shocking after hearing this and wondering the reason behind killing the man. Several people have been searching for the details regarding the matter. Through this article, you are going to get all the information regarding Anthony Solima. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Anthony Solima

Who is Anthony Solima?

As per the sources, Anthony Joseph Solima has been accused of murdering his male co-worker in the parking lot outside of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. The victim was shot and killed by Anthony Solima on 13 December 2021 at around 3 pm. The Fremont Police Department explained the whole incident. The police were reported immediately after the incident happened. The family members were also informed by the police. His family is in deep grief after getting the news of his demise. They are shocked as they didn’t know that they would be lost him like this.

Anthony Solima Arrested

Anthony Joseph Solima is a Tesla employee in Fremont, California. Solima is 29 years old who was arrested a few hours later after committing the crime. He was caught in the nearby city of Milpitas where he lives, according to the police. As of now, the police department has not revealed the name of the victim yet. The police have kept several details private about the victim due to some known reasons.

What Happened To Anthony Solima?

As per our information, Solima and the victim were working together at the Tesla Factory. The police revealed that two were had an argument that day, it is not revealed that why they had an argument. At the same point, Solima walked off the job. The police were reported to the factory which is located at 45500 Fremont Boulevard. The police said that the initial call was simply for medical aid.

The police found the victim unconscious in the parking lot. The police officers have observed, “the victim had sustained at least one gunshot wound.” The victim was declared dead on the spot. The suspect was arrested a few hours later after the crime. He is currently facing a first-degree murder charge. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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