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Who is Anna Paulina Luna? Florida Congressional Candidate Says Opponents Conspiring To Kill Her, Husband, Instagram Explored!


She is the congressional candidate of Florida Republican and her name is Anna Paulina Lina and she has recently made a shocking accusation which is against her rivals in the politics which are in the GOP primary, the Donald Trump and veteran US air force endorsed politician has claimed in the court that her political rivals naming Amanda Makki and Matt Tito have been planning to assassinate her and she has also managed to obtain the restraining order against William Braddock who is a fellow republican.

Anna Paulina Luna

Who is Anna Paulina Luna?

She has made a petition and in that, she has stated that she has received information yesterday during midnight which is regarding a plan which is about murdering her which has been done by William Braddock as she has stated in the petition that they are trying to kill her as they don’t want her to win the elections for the FL-13 and she further stated that she thinks that her life is in danger and the plan is being carried out by William Braddock and she is claiming that there are other two people who are with him in this plan naming Ms. Makki and Mr. Tito.

Anna Paulina Luna Husband


Luna is also being endorsed by the disgraced representative of Florida naming Matt Gaetz as the person who has been recently involved in a trafficking scandal, it is being stated that the guy will be sentenced to 30 years in jail and has been fined with 10000 dollars if it is proven that she is involved in sex trafficking. The Republican candidate naming William Braddock has strongly denied all of the allegations that are being thrown upon him by her as he has stated that this woman has lost her mind and she doesn’t deserve to represent anyone,

Matt Tito has also denied the allegations and has earlier called her out of the race as he has stated that he is shocked but not really as this is what she does to win the race as he further stated that she cannot debate on political issues so now she has come up with this stupid plan as he further stated that she is just trying to play the victim card, This is something that is going to be proven by a court so until then it is pretty unclear to say what has happened and who is stating the truth as this is a really big allegation and she really needs to have a strong case to win this.

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