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Who is Angela Tramonte? Woman Dies in Arizona Desert After Hike!


This year more and more death news is coming out, here is one more related to the hiker, who was trekking in the mountains of Arizona. As per the reports, she has been found dead recently and this news has become the headline of most of the posts on the internet. She is being identified as Angela Tramonte, who was 31 years old at the time of her death. Now people are continuously going through this news, and they have lots of queries that how she had died, what was the reason, and who was the person, whom she met in the mountains. If you are also having the same questions then it is the suitable post, you have found today. So without wasting much time, move forward to explore more info.

Angela Tramonte

Who is Angela Tramonte?

Her dead body was found on Friday on the Echo Canyon Trail, it is near the northeast side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. As per the statement of the rescue team, she has turned around halfway at the 2,706-foot peak, later she did not come back to the parking lot. As far as we got to know there was a person, who was hiking with Tormonte, he was the one who has called cops after the four hours she has turned around.  As we can see that tons of people are seeking her death cause. To all of them, we would like to inform you that she has died due to overheating or uncomfortably hot conditions.

Tormonte used to live in Saugus, Massachusetts, the rescue team has tried to revive her, but she has not responded, this was said by McDade. She was wondering about the place for the first time in his life, she met the man through Instagram. And that man is working as a police officer, but the pair was split during the hiking, her other friends were waiting for her in the parking lot but she did not return.

Gerardi was her friend, who want justice for her, they both used to stay with each other like a sister. she said it was an expected death of her friend, just after one day when she has reached Arizona. Still, the investigation is going on, and Arizona police are trying to find out more info related to the case. Very soon we will come back with updates on the matter. Till then stay in touch and keep following our site for further updates.

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