Who Is Amritpal Kaur? Nearly $130k raised for pedestrian hit Accident Victim – Age, Photos, Instagram: A 24-year-old girl student who came to Canada from India for higher education met with an accident when she was crossing the street at Fifth Avenue and Stuart Drive. On April 6, she was going to a shop to get some food and drink. When she was returning, she was hit by a van and got serious injuries. She fell unconscious and was admitted to the Vancouver General Hospital where she has been in a coma since the impact. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amritpal Kaur Accident

Who Is Amritpal Kaur?

For her treatment, her friend Sonam Sidhu created a page on GoFundMe to get some donations. On that page, she explains Amritpal Kaur has suffered a severe brain injury, with collapsed lungs, a tear in her liver, and multiple broken bones. Doctors say it was difficult to save Kaur because she was suffering from so many injuries and her body was not even strong. But still, we give our best to treat her. Her recovery will take some time like some months or even years. We can’t promise when she will come back to normal.

Amritpal Kaur Accident

We have appointed the best trauma surgeons and neurosurgeons who were looking to her every single time to find the best possible outcome. But it seems like no improvement has been seen from her side so far. If anything would be shown, then we definitely inform you. Nearly about $130,000 money has been raised from GoFundMe and if you want to donate to her then you can check her page. Her condition was very serious and doctors needs more money to treat her injuries.

Amritpal Kaur Age, Photos, Instagram

The van owner who hits the Amritpal Kaur has not been caught yet. Cops are checking the CCTV footage, looking at the cameras, and interrogating everyone to get some clues about the victim. But as of now, nothing was coming out. The cop’s investigation is still ongoing. On social media, cops left a message to the viewers that, if someone who was present at the accident puts the dash camera on the vehicle or any footage that anyone caught during the accident then give a call or drop a message on the Prince George RCMP at 250-561-3300. They really need the evidence of the victim.

Amritpal Kaur Family

According to her friend, she informed the whole incident to Kaur’s parents. Her parents were now worried about her and asking for one thing. How she is it now.


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