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Who is Alphonso Joyner, Woom Sing Tse Suspect Alphonso Joyner Photos, Age and Family


Who is Alphonso Joyner, Woom Sing Tse Suspect Alphonso Joyner Photos, Age and Family: Another arrest news comes to the fore on the web and grabs the eyeballs of the people. As per the media reports, Alphonso Joyner is now considered a killer after his recent attack against Woom. Allegedly, he shot several shots at the sufferer closed to Princeton and Wentworth avenues. As per CBS Local, the lethal incident has happened at around 12:30 PM on Tuesday, 7th December 2021. To be sure, Sing Tse could not survive the tragic firing. Let’s explore this case in more detail, read this entire blog from its start to end in order to get about it. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Alphonso Joyner

Who is Alphonso Joyner? Age Photos

The photos of Alphonso Joyner were recently published online. From the footage of the attack, we can assert that he was the one who shot Woom. Allegedly, the elderly man was on his way to purchase a newspaper. At that time, Alphonso comes up in a blue car and burst gunshots at the poor guy. Several sources asserted that the shots were first shot from inside the car. Later, the driver recognized as Joyner gets out and fires more bullets at the victim.

Whilst the first round has not struck Woom, he was already clearly startled. Taking the chance, Alphonso finished his job right away. After the firing, the murderer got back into his vehicle and drove away. After just minutes of the incident, the Chinatown Community Watch contacted the Chicago Police department. Well, Alphonso was watched driving near Kennedy Expressway at Jackon Boulevard. The cops apprehended him right away. In the investigation, the authorities discovered a gun with an extended magazine inside his motor vehicle. Furthermore, there was gunshot residue in his hand which confirmed that the shooter was Alphonso.

Astonishingly, news broke out asserting that if he had not been apprehended, others could have faced trouble. It looks like the authorities have saved other lives after apprehending Alphonso.

Woom Sing Tse Suspect Alphonso Joyner Arrested

Woom Sing Tse suspect Alphonso Joyner is charged after opening fire. Also, he is accused of taking his life recently. On Wednesday, 8th December 2021, Joyner was charged with 1st-degree murder. Allegedly, the victim was 71 years of age. Well, the motive behind the firing is still needs to be discovered. Hopefully, the cops will make him speak as soon as possible. Talking about Woom, he had migrated to the United States with a few dollars with him. Well, he was the man of his community whose death has shocked everyone.

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