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Who is Adina on TikTok? Abuse Video Explained – Age, Real Name and Instagram


Who is Adina on TikTok? Abuse Video Explained – Age, Real Name, and Instagram: A new TikTok user named @adinaa18 released a two-and-a-half-minute video that catches many eyeballs. Stay with us to discover more about the video. Tik Tok who just recently hits the market with short videos and gained so many followers. TikTok getting famous because of the entertaining videos. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Adina on TikTok

Who is Adina on TikTok?

Adina, which is known by her TikTok name @adinaa18, is a content creator who creates relatable posts for young teens. The content creator currently has slightly over fifteen thousand followers but has amassed a massive 1.2 million likes. Adina posted various videos which he recently shared a video with the name of “POV taking pubic transportation as a girl”, which got 7 million views and thousands of likes. The video shows how difficult it is for a girl to use public transportation, but it also showed how difficult it is to become a girl in public with strangers.


Reply to @ahenkhenk context!!!

♬ original sound – adina

Things going in a different way between Adina and some black men as the men seem to be making the young teens uncomfortable in the public place. According to Adina, the guys blamed the girls for not communicating properly with them and chastised them for wearing short clothes.

What is the Real Name of Adina?

Adina is known for her TikTok user name @adinaa 18. Her name remains a mystery to this date. Adina says that she is just only 16 years old. But if we take a look around her appearance, then she is older. According to the data, TikTok currently resides in Los Angeles. Although, her hometown and household details are still to be disclosed.

Adina Viral Video Explained?

We can estimate through the video that Adina shared her experience of using public transportation which later turned abusive and ugly. As the clip says, the Los Angeles girl and her roommate get bothered by guys who refuse to take no for an answer. The video, as previously noted, went viral and prompted a wide range of opinions. A section of internet users believed the men’s harassment was inappropriate, while another claimed she was just making racial assumptions.


So, to clarify things, Adina released a new video titled Reply to @ahenkhenk context!!! in which she explains everything. As they waited for the Subway, a group of African-American men began catcalling them and uttering rude things, according to Adina. The two then walked to a different part of the platform, but the men pursued them. That’s when things became heated, and a fight broke out.

Adina Instagram

TikTok is highly popular and the world’s most used app. It jas a large number of users. People are fond of using this app, as their videos get viral on it. Just like this, there is one more video of the user @adinaaa18. The users on the also platform are now getting so curious to know, who is the user. And what is inside a  video? So you will get to know what will you get in the article below.

Tik Tok is the video streaming app that has the most appreciated content by people all over the world. Just like that Adinaa also does it. And now her video is Viral all over the social media platforms. Later it has been evolved into the more versatile. The v video is short in which we are going to see her.

Adina is the content created and we will see that she has been tried her best n the video. She is on Tik Tok for so long and is just a teenager. You guys will see that she looks perfect and her fashion same is amazing. The content creator has a huge fan base as she has 1.2 million likes. She use to spend also t of time on this app has the fans of her share her content on it. The recent video which has been shared by her is with the title, “POV taking public transportation as a girl” there have been 7 million views and thousands of likes and sharing in this video.

In the video, we will be going to see that, how it is difficult for a girl to use public transport, and it is so difficult to use public transportations and even the most difficult thing is to travel in them along with strangers.

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