One missing news of a British actress is currently grabbing the attention of the headlines of the newspapers. Her fans are worried for her and wonders where she has gone. The entire social media is filled with her missing news and her fans are praying for her safety and well being. Even her family and friends are begging for the help of the public in order to find the British actress. The actress and has been missing in Los Angeles for many days. The name of this actress is Tanyaradzwa known as “Tanya” Fear, (31-years-old) has appeared in the British Television Series titled “Doctor Who” and the movie “Kick-Ass 2” among other several projects.

Actress Tanya

She had recently launched a standup comedy career. Her friends say Fear lives near the Hollywood Bowl and they watched her last time 3 days ago at the Trader Joes’s on Santa Monica Boulevard which is in Hollywood. When we checked with the Los Angeles Police Department, they also confirms the report of missing persons and this report was lodged on Thursday, 9th September 2021.

The manager of Fear informs Eyewitness News that he spoke with her just one week back and at that time she was fine and her voice didn’t like that she was upset. Fear’s Manager, Alex Cole stated that “Since she has been here, she had a good and great career and this is just her starting. We are obviously concerned about her and hoping we found out this is a simple mistake and we will find her soon.”

Meghan Aguilar, Los Angeles Police Department detective confirmed her missing on Monday and stated that “We were notified by our missing person unit that she has been located, safe. No report of criminal has been finished as there was no criminal activity enclosed her time when she was missing and her family has been notified.”

A press release from her family on social media platforms reported Fear left her home on Thursday sans her cell phone or purse and was later on reported missing by her friend. The statement stated that “Following Tanya’s family in the United Kingdon contacted the United Kingdon Foreign Office, a local LAPD police officer was position to visit in the house of Tanya but the actor was not home.” Fear has been living in Los Angeles for 6 years.

Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD or can reach out to the Twitter account which is set up by her friends @FindTanyaFear.


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