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Who is 40 Million Girl? Girl Found R40 Million Submit to Police Station, Age, Name, Photos, Instagram, and more!


Who is 40 Million Girl? Girl Found R40 Million Submit to Police Station, Age, Name, Photos, Instagram, and more!: In the world of mean, some people are still there who are honest and have good values which they are passing to their children. Just imagine what will you do if you got R40 Million on the road? Will you submit it to the police station? Maybe or maybe not but one girl shows her honesty and took the decision to submit this huge amount to the police station and after watching her morality the police and citizens of the country appreciated her. You all must be wondering and curious to know the name of the girl. So read this blog, keenly to know the detail of the entire case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

40 Million Girl

Who is 40 Million Girl?

Meet The Girl Who Submits The Huge Amount In The Police Station

The year 2021 has been one of the toughest years for everyone and a girl from Soweto just laid her eyes on R40 million but she decided not to take the money and help her family but instead take the money to the police station. Mzansi is split into 2 on social media after knowing the news of a girl who has R40 million inside a bag to the money to cops. As per the latest reports, the anonymous girl said she wants to focus on her studies, not on the materialistic things like money that she found.

Girl Found R40 Million

The South African Police Station rewarded the girl for being a good citizen for taking the money to the state. Have a look at the girl standing beside the police officer right after she had taken the money to the police head office. There is not much information regarding the girl is available but she is a student of Seanamarena high school which is in Soweto. As soon as the news surfaced online, the netizens appreciate the girl and also keenly looked to know more about her. However, except for her photo, no other detail has been appeared fore. Currently, which just only have this much information available but as soon as we find any update regarding the personal details of the girl we will update this section. Till then stay tuned with us and read other news on our website.

The story of a Grade 8 female student of SeanaMarena High School picking a bag that was carrying R40 Million and returning it to the South Africa Police service seems to be false, the story went viral when there were false claims about a young girl receiving a good citizen’s award after supposedly returning R 40 Million rands to the police.

The post has been circulating on social media, the girl is believed to have said that she wanted to focus on her education and not money, the post read:” A grade 8 student of SeanaMarena High school in Soweto received a Good citizens award this morning after she picked up a bag. The with approximately R40Mil and she took it to rehab police, she said she didn’t take the money because she wants to focus on her studies and not on money.”

Police Providing Clarity

The picture was taken in Mpumalanga and not in Soweto, according to EBNews Daily who reportedly contacted the authorities in the picture (constable Malaza), all of this is fake news, Constable Malaza has stated that the picture was taken in Mpumalanga Emerlo and not in Soweto, the SAPS in the region gave assignments early this year to the class and they nominated top learners who were named as the Junior Station Commanders.

Fake News

Fake news keep showing up these days, this became such a big story, this girl would have been so frustrated correcting people that she has not done anything that they are claiming that she has done, it would have been such a pain for her to explain her every time to the people who must have appreciated her for what they thought that she had done.

It is unlikely that there are going to be any kind of updates from the story in the coming days and weeks, it seems like this is done and dusted and the people who think that pulling off such fake news is fun, need to understand they are making the life of the people miserable who they have included in the fake news.

It seems like there is much fake news that keeps appearing on the internet, it is our humble advice to the users, not to believe anything that they read on the websites, they need to do there thorough check before they believe the news which is being provided on these fake news websites, they are doing this to gain views and we are doing this to make you guys aware that not to fall for such crap.

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