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Who are Vera Mekuli and Nick Mcgarry? Lap Dance Video Goes Viral On Social Media


Who are Vera Mekuli and Nick Mcgarry? Lap Dance Video Goes Viral On Social Media: The name Vera Mekuli is currently trending all over the internet. But who is she and why her name is in the limelight? As per the latest report, her dancing video is currently trending and drawing attention. Vera Mekuli is a rookie NYPD officer, was recently alleged of giving her superior officer a lap dance. She comes up carefree in the video, flinging her hands in the air and dancing on her knees to the pleasure of the viewers. As per the sources, the superiors of Nick were not pleased with the event, so he was transferred from the Concourse neighborhood bounds to the Bronx’s transit district 12. It was not clear that if the rookie officer would face any results, as this is the first year on the force. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Vera Mekuli and Nick Mcgarry

Who are Vera Mekuli and Nick Mcgarry?

Vera Mekuli is a comparatively new member of the NYPD, having joined the police department early this year. In the meantime, Nick Mcgarry has been a lieutenant at the 44th Precinct since the month of April. He is also a member of the New York Police Department since the month of July 2010.

Their lap dance video from a holiday party at the 44th Precinct has created hype in all social media platforms regarding Instagram. It is not known yet if Vera will be punished, but it is clear that Nick has to be sure been posted to another department and that he would be worried at a house if his wife had watched the video.

Vera Mekuli and Nick Mcgarry Lap Video Explained

So far, there has been no update or mention of any kind of a relationship/ affair between newbie officer Lt Nick Mcgarry and Vera Mekuli. In a recently went viral video, though Lt. Nick can be watched beaming heartily while a rookie officer jiggles on his lap, rumored to be Vera Mekuli, who can be watched wearing a plaid miniskirt, black crop top, and knee-high boots.

Then Vera turns around to watch his face and sits the precinct commander while he grabs her by the waist. She then twirls on the head of a lieutenant while still holding on to it. Mcgarry is viewed seated on a chair in the middle of a pub dance floor, surrounded by coworkers, as the officer hit on him and simper. In addition to this, the lieutenant and rookie were cheered by many observers. A passer-by handed a bundle of cash to the lieutenant and rookie police officers.

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