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Who Are Federico Martín Aramburú’s wife and How Many Children Did He Have?


Who Are Federico Martín Aramburú’s wife and How Many Children Did He Have?: Death is the ultimate truth of the world which is so hard to be swallow. Hence all the loved ones of the late person, get devastated and heartbroken after losing him/her as they know that they are not going to be seen ever again. In this article, we are going to update you with the most saddened demise of Argentina’s Rugby Player, Federico Martin Aramburu. Hence his fans are now so shocked to hear about his sudden death and it si snot at all easy for them to believe that he has been passed away. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Argentina Rugby Player Shot Dead

Who Are Federico Martín Aramburú’s wife?

They are now taking over Twitter to pay their tribute to him. He is 42 years old and was capped 22 times as he had been proved himself at the World Cup in France and he scored a try against the hosts to help Argentina in finishing up their third match. As per the sources he had been killed in a drive-by shooting in Paris.

Being his fan you guys must be keen to know how he lost his life, so as per the sources, he had been gone to the bar and ta the morning he had an argument there after which he killed in a gunshot at him. A group of unidentified people came back in a car and they shot him. There were three suspects in his killing.

How Many Children Did Federico Martín Aramburú Have?

The investigation of the murder case has been under the Paris Prosecutor’s office, and police said that they are still induced in finding out about the three suspects. A tribute has been passed to him before France’s Six Nations finale against England at Stade de France as his big pick displays on the stadium’s big screen.

Here are the tributes from hid fans and celebrities too:-

A former France scrum-half, Dimitri Yachvii has given a statement in which he has been said, “he loved his life and he lost his game.”

Yachvili stated that “he was a positive, lovely, friendly and the most energetic personality. More than being a significant team-mate, he was a lovely person who loved rugby.”

The Warriors stated, “so disheartened to receive the sudden demise of such a lovely personality.”

The Pumas wrote, “he was the person who will never ever going to forget his tries and his best way of playing in the match at the 2007 World Cup and that he had been scored two tries.”

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