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Who are Dolan Twins Dating? Viral TikTok Video Made Fans Confused


A TikTok video of the Dolan twins created confusion amongst their fans and they are wonders and keen to know that whom they are dating. But the video claimed that both are dating each other. Is it really true? or is there any other thing is behind this. Let’s find out together and unveils the truth. Grayson and Ethan Dolan who is widely known as the Dolan twins is popular on the video making app TikTok and since 2013 both are making a video together. Their videos help them to create a strong fans base and boost their popularity in just a few months.

Dolan Twins Dating

Who are Dolan Twins Dating?

Their popularity can be ascertained from the fact that there are millions of followers on their YouTube channel. However, they take their steps back away from the Youtube platform but the TikTok can not stop their fan following and could not stop speaking about them.  

The Viral Video Of Dolan Brothers Is Explored And Why Its Created Sensation

On Saturday, 24th July 2021 a user of TikTok named gxhannelius shared a clip on his account that reported that the twins are in a relationship and dating. The caption of the video created more confusion as to its readers, “What all I just found a video of the Dolan twins is clandestinely dating each other.”

To add more flavor to this, the admirers on Twitter have been sharing the screenshot which is created by Grayson in the year 2020. The caption of the tweet reads, “If you do not kiss your brothers for small commemoration…seriously are you guys even brothers? The tweet went along with the two images where two boys were viewed kissing each other.

We find about this, the images, in reality, were from a Vlog that the twins had uploaded. Even the twins were not kissing each other and the person who was in the image was their friend Ryan. Apart from that, this tweet had got a lot of backlash from the side of admirers which forced Grayson to delete it.

In Real Life who The Dolan Twins Are Dating

As per the report, Ethan is currently dating Kristina Alice. As per the report of Distractify, Alice is an Australian influencer and had made a physiognomy alongside Ethan in the music video of the year 2018 for Cub Sports”Hawaiian Party”. These rumors are confirmed by the pair that they were together after they posted identical images on their social media account.  Ethan had even committed that he was dating through his Youtube video and the title of the video was “Addressing assumptions about us”.

Later on, the Dolan brothers quit the Youtube platform, and the reason they gave that the pressure of making videos was affecting their mental health.

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