The most favorite and beloved South Korean band who is popularly known as BTS has just released the new single music video titled “Butter” which easily gained a million views within the hours after being released which shows that the people are crazy about their music. The credit for this new track goes to writer-producer Alex Bilowitz and Music executive Ron Perry. Now, most of you must be wondering who they are? To find out about them just read this blog till the end and know everything about these personalities. Begins with the New Single music video “Butter” which is released on Friday, 21st May 2021.

Alex Bilowitz And Ron Perry

Who Are Alex Bilowitz And Ron Perry?

The Korean Band released the 3-minute music video to their keenly-awaited summer single. The official music video is released just a few hours ago and already gained 74,875,549 views and 7.3 million likes within a short time span. The single music video “Butter” is the second single in English of K-pop which is following the huge accomplishment of “Dynamite” which last year exceed the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

On Sunday, 23rd May 2021, The Korean Band (BTS) will present the new single at the Billboard Music Awards 2021. Credit for this song goes to Alex Bilowitz and Ron Perry. Ron Perry is recorded as a co-producer and co-writer in “Butter”. He is a chairman of Columbia Records and a music executive also. Those who are huge fans of BTS surely know about Perry who is working with this band since the year 2018.

He was previously worked as chief of SONGS Music Publishing where he worked with numerous A-list artists like Diplo, The Weeknd, Lorde, and many others. In the year 2017, the company was vend to Kobalt Music Publishing. In one of the interviews with Perry he stated that “Being in publishing, I was mostly associated in making records. That is still not changed. I wish I have fine aptitudes. Sometimes I don’t. With the time, you work tough hard to perfect in your work and tries to do your best as much as you can.”

Alex Bilowitz is also the co-writer of this new single music video. He also wrote much wonderful music such as worked in the production of Jose James’ “Lay You Down”, “Gravity” for Timeflies, and the single “Last Night” by Vanessa Hudgens. Alex is graduated from Skidmore College with the degree of BA in Music. He also appointed as a producer at EUSONIA Studios from 2007 to 2012. He worked with many artists like Jamie Lidell, Gavin Degraw, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Rudolf, and Keith Urban.


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