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Where was Raise A Glass To Love Filmed? Cast & Locations Explained!


Where was Raise A Glass To Love Filmed? Cast & Locations: There is a new original movie naming “raise a glass to love” which is going to be premiering on Saturday on 18th September at 9:00 pm, the movie is starring Laura Osnes, Jennifer Huether, and Juan Pablo Di Pace, Jennifer Huether is going to be playing herself in the movie.

Raise A Glass To Love

Where was Raise A Glass To Love Filmed?

This is going to be Hallmark’s lineup for the movie, even though the movie is based to take place in Sonoma, it is not where it has been actually filmed, they have replicated so much of the place, it is going to seem like the movie has been shot in Sonoma, we are also going to be updating you about the stories from the cast.

For the viewers who will be unable to catch the premiere, they can watch the movie when it is going to be aired again on 19th September at 6:00 pm according to the Eastern time and is also going to be aired again on 23rd September at 8:00 pm, it is going to air on 26th September at 12:00 pm and 2nd October at 5:00 pm and on 21st October at 12:00 pm according to Eastern time.

The movie has been filmed in British Columbia, it is definitely not as beautiful as Sonoma County but they have managed to make the movie pretty beautiful, one person has stated about the movie, it seems like the movie has been filmed in Okanagan Valley and Huether has replied to it, yes, you have guessed it right.

The valley of Okanagan is known for orchards and wineries and it has been stated to be one of the warmest regions in Canada, has been shared by Huether, she visited some of Okanagan’s wineries while filming the movie, one of the locations was Kelowna which is in British Columbia.

Raise A Glass To Love Cast

it has been shared by Osnes in an Instagram post, she has shared a series of pictures which they clicked while they shot the movie, she has stated the cast and crew has been a total stellar, on 25th July she posted that they have wrapped up the film and they are going to be sharing more behind the scenes pictures, she further stated, it has been one of the most unforgettable three weeks for them.

Raise A Glass To Love Raise A Glass To Love

A photo has been shared by Lini Evans who is starring in the movie, she took the picture while she was filming in Canada, she has also shared many of the pictures from the first night of filming as she is showcasing the beautiful location at which they have shot the movie.

The cast also includes:

  • Bowie
  • Jamie Payton
  • Jana Morrison
  • Matt Brown
  • Shanelle Connell
  • James Clarke
  • Elizabeth McCallum
  • Jaren Moore
  • Masa Delara
  • Neil Charlesworth
  • Christin Park
  • JP Padda
  • Lisa MacDonald
  • Jacqueline Marie Dyment
  • Matthew Riseley
  • David Adams
  • Hannah Brown
  • Iris Quinn
  • Michael Patrick Denis
  • Arpad Balogh
  • Beverley Elliott
  • Amanda Wong
  • Lini Evans
  • Eric Keenleyside
  • Matthew James Dowden
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