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Where to buy ‘Emo’s Not Dead’ Cruise 2022 tickets? price, lineup, and dates


“Emo’s Not Dead” Cruise 2022 tickets, price, lineup, dates, and where to buy, all information are given below. 2022 is starting up to be with the year of the emo. The “Emo’s Not Dead” has just been declared, and some of the big artists will feature in the scene. The cruise will depart on November 8, from Los Angles, and arrive in Ensenada, Mexico, before going back to Los Angles on November 12. Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, New Found Glory, Thursday, Plain White T’s, Silverstein, Emery, Hawthorne, Heights are some of the acts on the list. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

'Emo's Not Dead' Cruise 2022'Emo's Not Dead' Cruise 2022

Where to buy ‘Emo’s Not Dead’ Cruise 2022 tickets?

The “Emo’s Not Dead” pre-sale would be begins from January 27 at 8:00 am, with public sales beginning from January 28. Another this Ticket for the same can be purchased from the official website of the cruise. Emo’s Not Dead’s cruise will the debut of your Broken Hero. This is a personal project by the cruise’s creator.

Tweet of the Ghost Killer Entertainment regarding the “Emo’s Not Dead”

Who is ready for @Mattcutshall / @emosnotdead cruise this upcoming fall?! I’ll be going there and hope to see you there as well!

“Emo’s Not Dead” came to be as

Matt Cutshall was the guy who became the father of the up-and-coming “Emo’s Not Dead”. he was a former member of the boy band It Boys. Professionally he is an actor, influencer, and social media star. His hands were fully behind “Emo’s Not Dead”. Emo’s Not Dead is a popular YouTube series, in which Cutshall plays an emo-loving fan. who was not able to seem to move on from the genre’s golden years – that has evolved into a brand. Cutshall has been monetizing his love for the emo by emo’s not dead, this line includes mugs, t-shirts, and Screamo Blend Coffee.


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‘Emo’s Not Dead’ Cruise 2022 price, lineup, and dates

Emo’s Not Dead is a musical treat for fans. It was announced that the emo-punk fest ‘when we were young will come back to Las Vagas in October 2022. It was revealed by Cutshall what may be the crowning achievement of his complete ‘Emo’s Not Dead campaign. Cutshall announced the cruise through a clip on youtube. The clip titled was Felt emo might cruise. The emo paradise, with 60 bands, My channel Romance and Paramore.  After the first two separate events sold out, it readded the next third date.  The third installment is planned for October 29, 2022, in Las Vegas with the same location.

let us see what would be the reaction come from the audience after the release of “Emos Not Dead”.

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