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Where Is Kurulus Osman Season 3 Filmed? Location Explained


Where Is Kurulus Osman Season 3 Filmed? Location Explained: The popular and hit historical drama titled “Kurulus Osman” is one of the biggest non-English series that has just come back and makes the days of spectators. The series has finally returned for one more adventure on ATV, but one question which is currently in the mind of the watchers that wherein globe the third epic saga was filmed? This historical drama was released in late 2019 to a superb world reception and maintained the viewership record with the help of its 2nd season which telecasted from the month of October 2020 to the month of June 2021. Follow More Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Where Is Kurulus Osman Season 3 Filmed?

Where Is Kurulus Osman Season 3 Filmed?

The first episode from the 3rd season was broadcasted last night, on Wednesday, 6th October 2021, on Turkish airing network ATV prior to arriving on the official website of the franchise in the early hours of Thursday, 7th October 2021. Whereas the story and acting are Kurulus Osma’s main pull-out, the superb and stunning scenery and backdrop are what actually lift the setting, now let’s find out where was the 3rd season shooted?

The 3rd Season Of Kurulus Osman Filmed

The series Kurulus Osman is a Turkish production to the core, so it is no surprise that the shooting of the 3rd season takes place over the Anatolian region. Though, the shooting on the series is far more strenuous than spectators may realize, with the 1st two seasons being filmed in the coastal village of Riva, in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. The coastal village was also the shooting location for the renewal series and is technically classed a just an “area”m for administrative purposes, along with a population of just 1,585 people as of the census of the year 2011.


Riva settles down on the Cayagzi creek to the Black Sea and keeps many rural features, most extremely the Riva Castle from the era of Byzantine. Curiously, in the mythology of Greek, the leader of Argo sailors “Laso” got an iron anchor from the region on his quest to search the Golden Fleece. This brought about the surrounding region being known as “Ancyranum” when the Eastern Roman Empire was at its top influence.


Though a brand new production studio was created for the shooting of the 3rd season in Nevsehir; a decision likely planned prior to the pandemic but boosted further by the constant interruptions to on-location shooting. Nevsehir, previously known as Muskara and Neapolis, is the capital district in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. This region has a superb interesting history, with the first settlement being searched by the Hittites, a group of people. The Indoor scenes were also observed filmed in an old shoe factory which is in Beykoz, Istanbul.

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