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Where is Gregory Todd Today? Bruce Frazier Murder & Coinstar Update


Where is Gregory Todd Today? Bruce Frazier Murder & Coinstar Update: Around four years ago a man was killed in his own car whose name was Bruce Frazier and recently Investigation Discovery series The Murder Tapes’ episode has covered the story of the aforementioned person who was found dead in his car. This article is being written by us to make you informed about the same case and what was happened with him four years ago. People have started scrounging the details of the murder case of Bruce Frazier. So keep reading this article till the last to learn more about this incident and this article will also let you know who was the murderer of Bruce Frazier. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gregory Todd

Where is Gregory Todd Today?

Bruce Frazier was also known as Coinstar and he was from Auburn. People have been perplexed and eager to learn about this incident that took place in 2018 in the month of July. According to his community people, he was a man of kind heart and down to earth person. But his horrifying death stunned all the persons who were known to him. According to the police reports he was shot to death in his head. This incident was a high voltage case of 2018. Let’s move forward to learn what was happened with him.

Bruce Frazier Murder & Coinstar Update

According to the reports, Bruce’s dead body was found inside his car and his car was found at W.E. Morton Avenue. Police reports claimed that he was killed by a shot in his head. After this police officers took no time to start an investigation to find out the culprit and soon police officers made an arrest in which an 18 years old boy was arrested whose name is Gregory Todd and he is charged for killing the well-liked person Bruce. According to the sources, Todd is booked in Alabama at the Easterling Correctional Facility.

Later Todd revealed why he shot down Bruce, he said Frazier had looked at him with tough expressions and Todd warned him not to look like that at him but Bruce did not stop looking at him and continued doing so and one day an argument arose between them and that argument turned into the murder of Bruce Frazier. Bruce Frazier was 28 years of age at the time of the incident. Todd has been charged with homicide and sentenced to jail for 25 to 35 years. Stay connected with us for more details and read more content of trending news.

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