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Where is David Wright Now? Marilou Johnson Murder Case Explained


Where is David Wright Now? Marilou Johnson Murder Case Explained: Recently, Investigation Discovery’s Where Murder Lies- Enemy Inside the Gate covered the murder case of Marilou Johnson die to which people have started scrounging web pages for detailed information about her murder case. She was the mother of three children but one day she suddenly disappeared and from that point, the case of her missing started but later missing case turned into a homicide case. There are many questions to be answered in this story such as who was the murderer of Marilou Johnson? Is the murderer convicted? What was the reason for her killing? and many more. Kindly read down the following sections of this article to learn every imperative point of this murder case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

David Wright

Where is David Wright Now?

The victim was from the Philippines and she had three kids from her previous marriage. According to the show, Marilou’s previous husband passed away and she was in a relationship with a man named Roger Blanchard. She used to live with her boyfriend along with her three children in Washington Township, Michigan. Marilou Johnson was 50 years of age when she was reported missing on 15th June back in 2007. Her family got worried when they did not see her for almost a half day. Almost a week later investigators found the belongings of the missing woman in the water and the next day investigators also found her corpse wrapped in a blanket.

David Wright

Marilou Johnson Murder Case Explained

According to the reports, she was stabbed six times to death in the chest. And the most anticipated question of this story is who killed Marilou Johnson? Initially, police were seeing her boyfriend with suspicious eyes but nothing came against Roger in the investigation. But Tonya Disano who was one of Marilou Johnson’s friends gave the tip to the investigators about David Wright. David was a plumber by profession who also had a criminal history.

David Wright

Police started observing David’s behavior after receiving a tip and police reported that he had strange behavior. Later police got to know that David borrowed money from Marilou Johnson’s boyfriend in 2006 which he was yet to repay and David asked again Roger for more money but Roger refused to lend the money to the plumber. After that, David made the conspiracy to hold his girlfriend Marilou Johnson hostage to extract money from Roger as ransom. David stabbed her when things went out of control in his hand. Currently, he is behind bars where he is serving his life sentence.

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