Home News Where Is Christopher Bathum Now In 2022? Jail Sentence Over Drug Case

Where Is Christopher Bathum Now In 2022? Jail Sentence Over Drug Case


Where Is Christopher Bathum Now In 2022? Jail Sentence Over Drug Case: A case has been seen out that Christopher Bathum, a successful businessman has got arrested in 2016. Officers put him into jail for some shocking charges. He was a popular famous and luxury-living type of living person. He got a huge fan following on Instagram and he can generate a huge amount of money from his business. It is alleged that Bathum was widely assumed to be a psychotherapist who assisted patients with drug addictions but the reality was different. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Christopher Bathum

Where Is Christopher Bathum Now In 2022?

Christopher Bathum has been charged with committing many crimes, especially the sexual activities which he has done at night. The majority of the time, he was disappeared at night and he says to his family that I’m going to the office for overnight to think about how can I expand his business but in reality, he goes for doing a sexual crime. The location was not verified. He has raped dozens of girls. When he did it, he penetrated them with foreign objects and forced oral copulation which was very brutal.


Christopher Bathum In Jail Sentence Over Drug Case

He also held so many contests in which he cheats the local audience. He stoles the people’s money and suddenly he will disappeared. He has done theft, fraud, and some money laundering in 2020. Looking at so many crimes, he was sentenced to 72 years in prison for all of his offenses. He was sentenced to 52 years in jail for sex crimes and 20 years for defrauding a health insurance company. Now many people don’t trust him and stop buying the products from the company.

Cops also identified that he was a drug addict and he takes the drug from time to time. While using the drugs with his patients, he overdosed on meth and heroin in a motel. This was just the beginning, as multiple patients at his clinic came forward to claim that he had sexually attacked them. He used to take advantage of vulnerable ladies by giving them cars and phones. Sometimes he even tortures people who don’t listen to them. If people don’t listen to them, then he attacked them and hurt them with bats, pins, and any foreign substance.

Christopher’s Bathum Net worth?

Christopher Bathum will be worth around $178,000 to $289,000 in 20221. The earnings came from the crimes that he committed while some come from his clinic which he runs it.

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