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Where Is Cassandra Cales Now? All About Stacy Cales Sister


Where Is Cassandra Cales Now? All About Stacy Cales Sister: A sister is searching for her sister and now she is helping others find their loved ones as well. The girl appears on the show “Dateline” to provide the information. Cassandra Cales has a lot of things to say about her lost sister named Stacy Cales and Drew Peterson. Most of you must be hearing these names for the first time and to know the case, you have to read this entire blog carefully as we are talking about here is possible serial killer Drew Peterson and one of his sufferers Stacy Cales Peterson. The show of NBC “Dateline” has provided Cassandra the platform to open up about the case of her lost sister. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cassandra Cales

The episode of the title is “Infamous” and ahead of its release, NBC network provided a sneak peek where Peterson is watched asserting to be wrongfully sentenced of the murder of his former wife Kathleen Savio. Kathleen was severely killed as her remains were discovered in the bathtub. When asked about his losing wife Stacy Peterson by the interviewer Natalie Morales, Drew showed his innocent side calling himself as a loving husband and a good provider. In the meantime, Cassandra Cales does not purchase his words. Tune in to NBC to see her views regarding the matter. The new episode “Infamous” will be broadcast on Friday, 19th November 2021.

Where Is Cassandra Cales Now?

Cassandra Cales hails from Downers Grove, Illinois. She has actively participated in looking for her older sister Stacy Cales alongside the officers. According to the many posts, the younger sister asserts to have located the body of her sister but the divers are still finding the remains of missing Stacy Cales. After the unsuccessful result, Cassandra accused the officials of not finding the body of her sister even after the officials had located the images of the body of Stacy by sonar scanning in the years 2008 and 2009.

Cassandra believed that her sister could have been discovered on the bottom of the Ship Canal and Chicago Sanitary.

Cassandra Cales: Stacy Cales Sister Today

Cassandra is battling for the search of her sister Stacy Cales as she still believes that the remains of her sister will surely find at the bottom of the canal. 14 years old teen has passed in search of Stacy and it has been nothing but a big disappointment for the family of Cales. The family had begun a website to follow up the search of Stacy Cales. In addition, Cassandra has raised fundraisers in order to find the details of her sister.

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