Rahul Dravid unfolds that how Kapil dev’s advice helped him to choose his carrier as a coach when he was feeling insecure for his international cricket carrier, he said that there have been some phases when he was totally disturbed and having to stress for his carrier. because he had been dropped from the one-day international team in 1998. That was a time when he doubted himself, he had to fight to take his way back in, Dravid told WV Raman in a chat that he was away from the Indian team for a year,”

Besides being a great player, no doubt Dravid was a great captain as well Dravid captained India for 79 one day internationals between 2000 to 2007. He also led the national team to the 2007 World Cup. When Dravid was captaining India, India won 42 matches in the ODI format and lost 33, with this run rate, the run Test format not so great as a captain.

Kapil Dev

Dravid, luckily, is fifth on the list of Indian captains who have led the side the most number of times in the One-day internationals. there were some of the insecurities that whether he is a good enough player or not because he always wanted to be a test player and he was coached to be a test player to hit the ball on the ground don’t hit the ball in the air, coaching like that. You sort of worry whether you had the skills to be able to do it (in an ODI) stated by Dravid

he said when i grew up there was only the Ranji Trophy and the Indian team, there was no IPL. Even the money in Ranji Trophy was so poor that there was always that constant challenge. You can give up a career in studies, but i was not bad in studies, so I could’ve easily done an MBA or something. that’s why he chose his carrier as a cricketer but after being dropped from one-day internationals he started to feel insecure for his cricket carrier, then Kapil dev advised him to choose coaching as a carrier so that he can survive in such field. he said that he forego that for a career in cricket and if the cricket does not work out there was nothing much to fall back on. So there was a level of insecurity at that age I know. it helps me when I interact with cricketers of this young generation. I can understand some of the insecurities that they have been or they are going through,” Dravid added.


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