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WhatsApp Testing Feature To Support DND on iOS


Recently there has been a lot going on in the technology and software field these days as after the pandemic waves of coved 19, the dependency on technology has increased drastically, and everything is going on the internet and connected digitally as this is either communication, messaging, emails, purchasing, or any other activity you are just a click away leading to this demand of technology, there is also a need for the variety of operations in the social media platforms so that users can avail themself a variety of operations and lead to this there is a lot of modification is going on on different social media platforms, Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


WHATSAPP a social media messaging platform is also indulged in some of this activity to promote its operational activity and bind its users, by providing them with whatever they need of the hour, as recently WhatsApp has launched a series of new features in the app. its new features will help the user in different ways. WhatsApp is a brand of the social media platform Facebook which is also a messaging app,  WhatsApp recently developed many new features in the app modifying its previous versions

WhatsApp is testing the new feature for iPhone users as this is a new feature to support the DND on IOS location strikers that will help the users of android, and the now option functionality is presently utilizing a new IOS 15 APL. this functionality will essentially display a new label in the call history for iPhone users that will including an indication of the calls that will be canceled or stoped by new function (do not disturb)

WhatsApp parent meta is the tech giant which is developing a new feature and also updating many other functions that will make the user easy to use with a variety of functions, as the functionality is brought to light by WhatsApp tracker WA BetaInfo which is a part of WhatsApp this function will display a new label in the call history section for iPhones, including that the call will be canceled or silenced by this new function Do Not Disturb WhatsApp for Android beta version is going to be updated by location strikers, this update includes three designs for the function options of the new drawing editor,

On the other front as WhatsApp is a social media messaging application that uses your phone no as an individual’s id, and the modernization of its business account option helps a user to convert his personal social media account to a business account. WhatsApp’s new feature enables users to create a group with up to 512 members capacity in a single group in WhatsApp. which will enhance the user approach to many people at once, in the group, to avail it create a group and look at the top bar for the option of additional people and see the no of how many people you can add in a group,

Also as WhatsApp has a feature that allows one to convert and create a social media into a business account and now users can change the name of their associated devices, to corporate accounts, this feature subscription package allows corporate accounts access to other services, business accounts will be able to link with 10 devices to the same account this new feature will be available soon on your devices so if you didn’t have it yet it will come within 24 hours, as WhatsApp is claimed to be the most used application

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