Whatsapp Message Without Saving Number: How To Message Someone On Whatsapp Without Saving Them As Contact: Many people are searching for the question n the internet and it is “How to message a Whatsapp number without adding it as a contact first?” ySo your search is going to end here as we are here with the answer to your question. So in the article below, we will be going to update you with a step-by-step guide. So he’s days we all have this application on our phones, it is the most used and popular messaging app. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Whatsapp Message Without Saving Number

Whatsapp Message Without Saving Number

It is the most popular and highly used app and it also has more than two billion monthly users. Ans tr also has many interesting features and the best way to reach out to the person whom you want to talk to and see what is going on in their life with help of their several features. But still, there is a lack of one feature which is- to message to a number that hasn’t been saved to our contact list or phonebook. So there are numerous users who are ‘searching to do so. So here we are with good news for all the users of the messaging app. Thet they can now able to message to the contacts those numbers aren’t saved to their phonebook.

How To Message Someone On Whatsapp Without Saving Them As Contact

So here’s how you guys can initiate a whats app chat without adding a number to your phonebook:-

You guys can use a Wa.me short link to start a Whats App chat conversation without saving a number in your phonebook. And then you may also use the same API link with help of two apps “WhatsDirect” and “Click to Chat” and this is how you may launch a new chat.

So all you need to use this is simply head over to your browser and there you have to type an address https://wa.me/phonenumber. The phone number field should also be consist of country and region code as well, but there aren’t such modifiers lie + or – or 00. Hence we can see an example here, your syntax must be HTTP://wa.ne/919911293344. After this all you just have to click enter and then you will be all set to start a chat with a number. So you may use an app to launch your what’s app chat with a number that isn’t saved to your phonebook.

So these are the simple steps after following them you will be all set to chat to a number you wished to.


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