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WhatsApp Introduce New Feature Second OTP To Log Into Account On New Device


As data is the most precious thing in the era of digitalization. Everything is turning online and digital. As users’ data is the most valuable element in the world of the internet its security is directly proportional to the value of users’ data which is why security and verification are musts. Meanwhile, the instant messaging app Whatsapp is all set to introduce a new security layer app to increase the security of users’ data and also reduce the hacking threat of users’ accounts. But what is the upcoming security layer and how this will help users to secure their data on Whatsapp? There is still various question related to Whatsapp’s new security feature. So keep reading it and have a look below what is the next plan for Whatsapp. Swipe down the page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


You may have used the double verification security feature on other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. But you have not used it on Whatsapp, it is confirmed. But after the release of the next version of Whatsapp users will be allowed to use the double verification security feature. Who confirmed this news and where from the information been grabbed? This may be a question that may be thinking in your mind. Shift to the next section to explore the answers to your question regarding Whatsapp’s new security feature.

We have confirmed this news from the WABetaInfo in which Whatsapp has clearly mentioned the introduction of a double verification code. This security enhancement feature is expected to be added in the upcoming version of the app. In the future, Whatsapp users will be able to activate and set double verification mode. but how this feature can be used or what is the procedure? Read down the next section for more.

Double verification means that you will need to verify it’s you two times. Whenever the user will try to log in to another device or new device and he has set the double verification mode then he will get an OTP and after submitting the first OTP the user will receive another SMS to verify it’s you. So it’s upon you if you want to enhance the security of your Whatsapp account then you should set this mode but if you don’t want to waste time then you can also disable this mode.

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