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How To Change WhatsApp Logo In GOLD: Step-By-Step Guide


How To Change WhatsApp Logo In GOLD: Step-By-Step Guide: This year 2021 is almost gone and we are waiting to welcome the next upcoming year 2022 with some new celebrations, new vibes, new technology, new tech tips. With that famous big brand named ‘Whatsapp’ is bringing some new features including one of those now WhatsApp is giving permissions to users to change their green icon into a lustrous gold color icon. Now users can turn the green-plated icon into a premium good looking look. But before you change, you just need to know some things to keep in mind the basic simple steps that have to be known before changing its default icon. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

WhatsApp GOLD

How To Change WhatsApp Logo In GOLD

Step by Step Guide of changing the Whatsapp icon

  • To change your Whatsapp logo, you need to download the Nova Launcher in your phone to modify your green ugly color into a gold plated luxury premium icon.
  • Once you’ve installed Nova launcher on your phone, open the app and choose the look you want for your phone.
  • After you’ve chosen the style, you’ll need to locate an image of the golden WhatsApp icon.
  • Now, you have the option of downloading anything you want.
  • All you have to do now is hold down the Whatsapp symbol for two seconds and your Whatsapp logo will turn golden on your smartphone.
  • An editing pencil will show on the screen after that. After tapping on it, go to your photo gallery and select the golden Whatsapp logo image that was downloaded.
  • After that, click Done, and your WhatsApp logo will be turned into a Golden WhatsApp logo to celebrate the new year of 2022.
  • However, keep in mind that the WhatsApp icon you downloaded must be in a transparent PNG format, or it will not be set as the WhatsApp golden logo.

More new features that Whatsapp is bringing this new year

In this new year, Whatsapp is gifting us with new features like you can do Whatsapp calls from your desktop without scanning to your phone. Whatsapp payments have been used by so many people and people liked it. The same thing WhatsApp is giving new features to users to listen to voice notes before sending it and disappearing media files (yes, that view once new feature), connect with a multi-device feature that lets you use your Whatsapp on multiple devices phone, laptop or tablet at the same time and with so many apps. To know more information, stay updated with us to learn something new about Whatsapp and in the tech world.

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