Recently the android smartphone users in India or warned by the CEO of WhatsApp that in a long thread the CEO of the most popular application for android for the purpose of instant delivering the message and chats with friends and also it can avail with the business account on WhatsApp and you can manage the communication branch of your business over the WhatsApp with ease as the CEO wants its users to not use any kind of modified or fake version of WhatsApp that provides the additional few features like hidden stories. Follow More Update On


and other features that look good but for a potential threat to your account privacy as this has been recently revealed by the WhatsApp researchers in research conducted over the privacy of WhatsApp accounts and it is found that the fake WhatsApp or the modified versions of WhatsApp like  @WhatsApp or hey WhatsApp, order kind of modified versions of application WhatsApp that are prone to data breach and privacy infiltration.

In continuing with his words the CEO of WhatsApp also explained the complete thread as these apps promise some additional features but they are not safe and are just scanned by people which continuously steal information from your phone and your personal data as this is not safe for your to stop this WhatsApp officials have joined hands with Google and Google is working on how to combat with these filthy ways of stealing data and these fake versions of WhatsApp Google play unit is working on android and now they are able to detect these kinds of fake versions of WhatsApp and applications that are now acknowledging these fake accounts or fake versions of WhatsApp and also the WhatsApp is looking for legal help and enforcement forces hey modules of WhatsApp to stop further exploitation of the WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp version or a potential threat for the users account privacy and family data De the security providers over privacy issues, for now, busy man to tackle and push back this kind of applications from the Internet platform and if from your friends and family anybody is using any kind of fake versions of WhatsApp the WhatsApp is in requesting you to encourage them and motivate them to use only the official WhatsApp that is downloaded from the trusted source or any official App Store of android as the link of WhatsApp is given below as http//

As WhatsApp has issued a global warning for such users who uses the fake WhatsApp or other versions of WhatsApp that all that or spoiling the trust and image of WhatsApp over the internet customers because people trust WhatsApp and enable WhatsApp these fake versions are operating in the market and stealing data which is a conclusively blamed to WhatsApp as per the warning the WhatsApp officials have said that if any of the users is found using a fake WhatsApp as the company, is busy making software to find the fake WhatsApp applications or other users on their WhatsApp and if anybody is detected his account will be permanently banned and he would not be the real or able to use the real or the fake version of WhatsApp ever. And your account will be initially temporarily banned but it can be permanently banned also.


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