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What’s Happening In Cuba Right Now!


There is an unusual case which so going on right now as the internet of the people in Cuba has been shut off by the government and this has made the people in Cuba protest against the government.┬áThe demonstrations started four weeks ago which was pretty big for the people in the country as it has been curiously sparked up by a rap song naming “freedom! no more doctrine!”.

What's Happening In Cuba

What’s Happening In Cuba

In the rap song, the doctrine is being stated as the propaganda which is carried on by the governments in order to make the fool out of people. but it seems like it has been reported by the reporters back in America, this was just a protest for the pandemic, hunger, the lack of Covid-19 vaccines, and restrictions.

Which has been stated by ABC’C very own George who is facing fuel and food shortages and it is being stated by Collazo, the cause seems to be pretty clear, the protestors were clearly stating ‘liberty, liberty and ‘down with communism’. one of the socialists representing the democrats naming Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has stated, the protestors are chanting about the lack of materials when the pandemic was going on, especially they were pointing out the medical supplies which were not there for the citizens of the country.

The real reason which has been stated for the shortages which have been faced by the people living in Cuba is communism which is eating the place from inside, went eh businesses are being controlled by your government 4, people are left out with no food as all fo the food goes to the state.

And it has also been stated by Collazo, the government of Cua state medical expenses is free which is highly misleading of the government which is in Cuba as they don’t even have aspirin if you go to any hospital in Cuba so calling it free is just an insult on the people.

It was asked to press secretary of Joe Biden naming Jen Psaki to the question as a reporter asked her about the situation in Cuba, she firmly stated the people in the country are not in agreement with the mismanagement which is going on in Cuba and people are simply opposing the government. It seems like there has to be a solution that needs to find out by the government of Cuba which is being irresponsible towards the citizens of the country as of this point in time.

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