Home News What was Stephen McDaniel Motive Behind Lauren Giddings Murder? Explained

What was Stephen McDaniel Motive Behind Lauren Giddings Murder? Explained


What was Stephen McDaniel Motive Behind Lauren Giddings Murder? Explained: Recently, the news is hitting viral in the headlines of the newspapers that a guy named Stephen McDaniel murdered his close friend Lauren Giddings. Why did he murder her, what’s the cause, what’s the motive? All you will need to know about this article, so stay tuned with us. Stephan McDaniel is a Georgia man who was a Mercer Law School Student admitted that he convicted the crime of Lauren Giddings. Lauren Giddings is a law student.  Lauren and Stephan they both are classmates. The assailant happened to be the victim’s next-door neighbor. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Stephen McDaniel

What was Stephen McDaniel Motive Behind Lauren Giddings Murder?

Stephen Mc Daniel talked about in his blog post claiming, he was getting many dislikes for women. During his high school years, he tormented girls, and he posts women’s brutality and torture on social media. Daniel also claimed that he had to ask Lauren out on a date. But she refuses him and turned him down saying she was already involved with someone else and rejected his offer. But in reality, Daniel stated he had no reason to murder the poor woman. Lauren was murdered on June 26, 2011. According to the evidence, he broke into her flat early in the morning.

Ultimately, Stephan strangled the poor lady to death. Her limbs had been hacked off when her body pieces were found in the dumpster. Sooner or later, Giddings lost contact with her friends and family. She has been missing for more than four days. Subsequently, Giddings lost touch with her friends and family and she had been absent for over four days. Her closed eyes were broken when she was found out dead inside a dumpster. Furthermore, her head was still nowhere to be found, cops were searching the rest of the body parts, and when they take the rest of the body parts, they gave it to the forensic to recognize that the rest of the body parts belong to her or not. After days of examinations and exams, it was discovered that the torso belonged to Giddings.

How Old Stephen Mc Daniel Age?

Currently, Stephen’s age is around 41 years as of 2022. Daniel was born in 1981 and was 31 years old at the time of his conviction. His parents, Glenda and Daniel both are industrial workers. His father was a Ph.D. holder and went on to become a painter. Despite this, Stephen’s poor parents never had much time for him. Follow this site to get more updates.

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