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What Is The ‘That Must Be So Confusing For A Little Girl’ Song? Tiktok Trend Explored


TikTok and Instagram is the platform which set trends on social media and these days one such trend is coming in the notice of social media users. The users on TikTok are using a particular song lyric to spotlight some of the negative experiences they faced as young children. This trend is similar to the trend of “97 percent” that went viral at the beginning of this year which witnessed that people sharing their experiences of being physically and sexually assaulted.

That Must Be So Confusing For A Little Girl

That Must Be So Confusing For A Little Girl

That trend was a response to the assassination of Sarah Everard, as around the same time as her demised, an investigation by UN Women UK found that 97% of ladies between the age of 18 to 24 have been physically assaulted. Presently, women users on TikTok are sharing the experiences that were “perplexing” to them as little girls and they are using an emotional song to get their point across.

The Current Trend on TikTok Is “That Must Be So Confusing For A Little Girl”

As the users of TikTok scrolling, most of you have probably seen the new “that must be so confusing for a little girl” trend taking over the page of “For You”. In the trend the watches women from throughout the globe explaining their confusing experiences as a young child. Some of the things that the video-making platform users claim confused them as little girls include not being able to connect to Disney princesses, not being told about mental health, and not being taught about the difference in sexuality.

Other users also shared their wired experiences of child abuse, such as an uncle glazing at their skirt or a family friend touching them disproportionately.

What Is The Song Is Actually About?

Although describing their stories, TikTok users are playing a particular song in the background. The lyrics say “that must be co confusing for a little girl” and it comes from the Cartoon TV series titled “Adventure Time”. It is called “I Remember You” and is played in the 4th season during a scene with Ice King and Marceline.

After that, the song was covered by a user of TikTok called @mars_is_great, who created the version that is currently used on TikTok. The cover song has now been used on TikTok more than 56,000 times.

The people sharing their reactions on Twitter on this viral trend as one person wrote “The TikTok trend of “that must be so confusing for a little girl” has got to be the emotional one yet. I have cried to that sound so many times and I could make many videos on this song.”


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