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What Is The Stopelon Coin? Crypto Fans Targeting Elon Musk they Reportedly Minted Their Own ‘StopElon’ Coin


There has been a new currency that has entered the market after the Billionaire tweeted about Bitcoin and stated that he is not going to accept Bitcoin as the mode of payment for Tesla which has become a topic of debate in the crypto world.


What Is The Stopelon Coin?

People have started getting divided as many of the people have invested in Bitcoin and if Elon Musk is going to state against Bitcoin then it is going to be an issue for the investors who have invested in the crypto and now many of the people are criticizing him for what he is doing as he pretty clearly knows that his words are going to be crucial and if he states something then it is going to affect the crypto market but he still did it so many of the people are criticizing him for the same.

The movement has started as the cancel culture is in existence as it has been in trend for a while now and now that Elon Musk is stating all of this the people who are investing in cryptocurrencies are trying to cancel him and now the situation is getting to a point where people have started new crypto naming ‘stopElon’ and the sole purpose of the cryptocurrency is simply to stop Elon Musk from affecting the crypto market.

Who owns StopElon?

After his statement, the situation has been really dicey and after the chaos has been created by the Billionaire, it seems like that the people are going to have the last laugh by the looks of it but it can also fire back as Elon Musk has the power to influence the market and if he feels like he needs to eliminate such crypto then he is going to use his sources to get it done.

The new crypto naming ‘STOPELON’ is already trading online and they have also quoted the reasoning behind this crypto, they have stated that their final target is Elon Musk and they are going to have full control of Tesla stock and are going to stop Elon no matter what.

The founders are still unknown and it seems like that they are going to keep their identity anonymous and they have also created an official site and they have clearly stated their motives for which they have created the cryptocurrency. They have also stated their intention of entering the market and take over Tesla by maneuvering their way into the market,

This is simply a double-edged sword and things are going to be difficult for both of the parties as this is simply going to be a crypto war but it can end pretty soon as Elon Musk is arguably the most influential person at this point in time.

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