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What is The Metaverse And Why Facebook Touting It’s The Future Of The Internet


A piece of good news for those who are looking for jobs. The popular social media platform Facebook has declared it will be making 10,000 hires of high-skilled workers in the country of Europe to help construct its “metaverse”, which it considers to be a good future of the internet. So much so that the facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 37-year-old has talked about how social media giant would “effectively transition from people watching us as primarily being a social media firm to being a metaverse firm”. So, what is this new globe that social media giant is batting for? In this blog, we are sharing all the possible details.

What is The Metaverse And Why Facebook Thinks It's The Future Of The Internet

What Is Exactly The Metaverse?

The prefix “meta” comes from Greek and which means beyond, across or after. So, the portmanteau of “meta” and “universe”, that is metaverse, would imply a place that is out or beyond the universe or the world as we know it, one that lives in the virtual kingdom but feels it just as real. The concept of this is nothing new, however. If you watched a movie for example Matrix or Real Player One, you will easily get to know that what it necessitates: a virtual reality space that individuals can make entry and access through the use of a device or a gadget.

Just think about a video game, for example, Minecraft or Fifa. The player controls a character or the events on the screen of the gadget with the help of buttons and commands. Now, what if, rather than sitting at the comfort and looking at the game unfold on the screen, the gamer could be within or inside the game, participating not from the outside the fame but as a character of the game implanted in it?

But whereas gaming firms have made the first steps in the direction of the metaverse, the virtual world foresees by the technical giants will be quite more expensive and watch to embrace everything from the office to amusement. It is a great concept that indulges an online world in which people can make the interact with each other, communicate virtually and collaborate, without requiring to be in the same space.

How It Will Work?

The device of choice at the start for the metaverse, at least where the social media giant is concerned, come out to be the VR, headset or virtual reality. Facebook already has its own in-house product the Oculus VR headset following it obtained the firm for USD 2 billion in the year 2014. It has also constructed its first attack into making a VR world with the release in the year 2019 of Facebook Horizon, an invitation-only immersive environment that users can enter by carrying or putting on an Oculus headset.

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