What is the Menace Cult On TikTok? TikTok’s devil emoji Menace Cult viral trend explained! Tik Tok is a video streaming app and we all know that it has a huge amount of users. People are crazy for Tik Tok as it consists of several different contents. People use this app to showcase their talent. And things get a trend on this in every month. So there is one more thing that is trending on TikTok. And this is the emoji of the devil. Yes, you have read it right. “The Menace Cult” is getting trending on this app. The app is highly popular among the youth. And a question is rising on the internet what is The Menace Cult. So here in this article, we will go to update you about it.

Menace Cult

What is the Menace Cult?

So there isn’t something to get serious about it, as the word Cult is nothing very dangerous as it looks. There is just a group of people who are sharing it to pass the same value. From the last few months, we are noticing and seeing that the most viral and trending step chicken cult is getting viral on social media and this has been characterized by the blue color of the profile picture which has been set by Lana Cult and Mexican Horchata Cult. A profile has been become so trending now and the other TikTok users are also using it in their profile.

What is Menace Cult On TikTik?

Well, you must have seen or noticed this trend and it also consists of a line, “join Menace Cult”. This is a devil emoji and it dresses all back. The emoji carries a smile on its face and that looks so horrible. Other than this you will also go to see variations of this emoji in which it even has carried a hat and some other different stuff too.

The cult doesn’t stand for anything different as it is just a group of people who are just trying to show the same value.  This has been created a buzz over social media and they are now doing the same.

There is a question how didi Cult strat?

So let us inform you that there isn’t confirmed information of how didi the cult start? But as we know that hashtags are the one which helps in reaching out the huge audience. So the group is doing the same and they are using the hashtag “menace cut’.


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