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What Is The Ghost Of Kyi Mig 29? Ukraine Ace Fulcrum Pilot Story Explained


What Is The Ghost Of Kyi Mig 29? Ukraine Ace Fulcrum Pilot Story Explained: Currently, a video is being circulated on Reddit and other major social media platforms of a fighter plane that is being claimed to be of Ukraine. The aforementioned fighter place has crashed down several jets of Russia, according to the reports. The pilot of that fighter jet has got the nickname “Ghost Of Kyiv” by the people as he is defending the capital of Ukraine from Russian military operations. Read down the page and learn about this hot topic of the internet as we have written every important point linked with this topic, go through all the sections of this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ghost Of Kyi Mig 29

What Is The Ghost Of Kyi Mig 29?

As you have already known to the news the President of Russia has invaded several Ukrainian territories including the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The situation in Ukraine has become worse than before as people have started fleeing the city due to safety concerns. But Ghost of Kyiv has come out as a blessing in disguise for the people of Ukraine and for the government too as he had taken down several Russian jets including a Su-27, two Su-25 jets, two Su-35 jets, and MiG-29M. Follow the article to get more about the pilot who is getting attention from all over social media.



Ukraine Ace Fulcrum Pilot Story Explained

As he has become the life savior for the Ukrainian public he is receiving support and rounds of applause from the world and people are hoping he will keep doing the same as he is doing right now for his country. Due to the popularity of the MIG 29 fighter jet’s pilot aka Ghost of Kyiv people have created fan accounts on social media with his nickname. His nickname is gaining popularity on social media which is why people are eager to read about him more and more.

As of now no big media represented has covered the story of Ace Fulcrum pilot of Ukraine who has reportedly taken down 6 Russian army jets single-handedly. If this story would be a true story then the Ghost of Kyiv would become the symbol of Ukraine’s bravery to halt the powerful country like Russia to invade Ukraine. After the popularity of the aforementioned pilot, people have got some hopes that their army can face the Russian army to defend their people. We are hoping this conflict between these two countries will end soon as if there will be war when the world will suffer a huge loss.

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