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What is Sarma Melngailis’ Net worth and Where Is Bad Vegan’s Sarma Melngailis Now?


What is Sarma Melngailis’ Net worth and Where Is Bad Vegan’s Sarma Melngailis Now? : Sarma Melngailis is a famous American chef and businesswoman who has a huge name and fame in the world. Currently, she has been in the headlines these days after a documentary on her and her relationship with her husband has come on Netflix. Yes, we are talking about a recently released documentary series titled Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud, Fugitives. The series was released on 16 March 2022 on Netflix. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sarma Melngailis

What is Sarma Melngailis’ Net worth?

Ever since everyone is only searching for details about Sarma Melngailis. There are many people who are also seeking details about her net worth from her business. In this article, we are going to give you some essential details about Sarma Melngailis. As per the reports, when Sarma co-founded Pure Food and Wine with Matthew Kenney, she had something remarkable on her hands. Shortly after it opened in the year 2004. the fine-dining vegan restaurant became highly famous. She suddenly went missing after almost a decade in the firm and was later jailed for fraud. The stock of the restaurant collapsed as a result of the due payment incident.

Sarma Melngailis’ Net worth

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. is a Netflix documentary that is based on the relationship of Sarma and her husband, Anthony Strangis, and how she diverted money from the business to him. All of the earnings of Sarma Melngailis from the Netflix show went to those employees with whom she wronged. Melngailis is also known as the Queen of Vegan Cuisine revealed the news on Wednesday on her website following the release of her docu-series stating, “In my case, however, and at my insistence, the producers made an exception so that I could pay the total amount my former employees were owed — amounts that accrued after my disappearance in 2015.”

Talking about her net worth, she didn’t start her career in the restaurant industry. In the year 1990, she earned an economics degree from Pennsylvania’s famed Wharton School. She has a good friendship with chef Matthew Kenney who was also her lover led to the founding of the Commissary in the year 2001 at the time she realized that food was her actual calling.

They both teamed up with investor Jeffrey Chodorow to start Pure Food and Wine in Manhattan, New York in the year 2004, after two years of its closing. The restaurant immediately gained a good reputation for its vegan raw food menu. She was close to $1.5 million when she was jailed for fraud. As per the show, currently, she has over $6 million to her employees, investors, and others. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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