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What is Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend? How To Make Frozen Honey Recipe Tiktok Trend Explained!


There has been a new TikTok trend that is surfacing the internet in which people are freezing honey and it seems like experts are pretty concerned about what is happening. It has been stated by the experts, eating too much honey can be a cause of stomach pain, diarrhea and can cause many other complications, this has been told by many of the doctors who have told this to multiple news outlets during this week. Here is what is going on and should you jump on this trend or not.

Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend

What is Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend?

If we talk about the past few weeks, TikTok has been flooding with videos which are showing people who are filling plastic bottles with honey and then they are putting the plastic bottles in the freezer and the users seem to squeeze out the golden substance which has been created of the honey and are putting their teeth right into it. and it seems like people cannot get enough of this kind of clip and on Wednesday, about 10’s million people have been watching the videos with the hashtags #frozenhoneychallenge and #frozenhoney.

Frozen Honey Tiktok Trend Recipe Explained

It has been stated by Dr. Niket Sonpal, he has seen some of the videos, he is the assistant professor at Touro College at the Osteopathic Medicine in New York and is a gastroenterologist based in New York, he has told Nexstar studio Media Group, the minute he saw it, he thought to himself, this a lot of sugar which is being consumed by the people, it is a lot of honey to get consumed and it is a lot of diarrhea too.

It seems like McClatchy has requested a comment from TikTok on this but they didn’t respond immediately, some of the users using the app stated they were not feeling well after consuming so much honey. one of the concerns is that people are consuming too much of the sticky substance, eating like this from the bottle can lead to bloating, diarrhea, and cramps which have been started by Shape Magazine.

Another concern is about one-third person are fructose intolerant which means they are capable of consuming this much sugar at once and this is going to cause them pain and diarrhea stated by NBC news and it is also being stated as the honey thickens, it can be dangerous to consume.

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