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What is Dementia Risk Calculator? Calculator Help To Predict The Risk of Mental Illness (Dementia)


The Ottawa Hospital, the Bruyere Research Institute, the University of Ottawa, and ICES Canadian researchers have developed and validated an online calculator that enables individuals 55 and above that to a better understanding of their health of the brain. Not only this, but the calculator also informs that how they can lessen their risk of being ascertained with the mental illness (Dementia) in the upcoming five years. The entire process was issued in the Journal Of Epidemiology and Community Health and now you all must be wants to know that where this calculator is available. So this calculator is accessible at projectbiglife.ca.

Dementia Risk Calculator

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a cognitive disorder or in other words, it is a general term used for loss of memory, problem-solving, language, and many other thinking abilities that are acute enough to hinder daily life. The most common cause of this disorder is Alzheimer’s. The symptoms of Dementia:- Problems with short-term memory, Paying bills, remembering appointments, keeping track of purses, and many others.

Causes of Dementia

This disorder is caused by damage to brain cells and this damage hamper the ability of brain cells to transmit with each other. When our brain cells do not communicate commonly, feelings, behavior, and thinking can be affected. Every year, 76,000 new cases of this disorder are diagnosed in the country of Canada, a number anticipated to increase as the ages of the population. Till now there is no treatment or cure is found for dementia.

Though, about a third of dementia may be avertible through lifestyle factors such as healthy eating, reducing tobacco and alcohol use, physical activity, and other managing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The dementia calculator based on survey data from around 75,000 Ontarians. Dr. Stacey Fisher who is the lead author of the study and performed the research mostly in Ottawa said “What sets this risk calculator of dementia besides is that the patient does not need to visit a doctor for any kind of tests.”

How to Use Dementia Risk Calculator?

She further said, “People are already know all the details which they need to complete the calculator in the consolation of their house.” The components in the Dementia Population Risk Tool (DemPort) such as:-

  1. Age Factor
  2. Diet
  3. Health Conditions
  4. Smoking Status and lifetime exposure
  5. Stress
  6. Alcohol Consumption
  7. Number Of Languages Spoken
  8. Education
  9. Physical Activity
  10. Marital Status
  11. Sense Of Belonging
  12. Activities where assistance is needed
  13. Ethnicity
  14. Education
  15. Socioeconomic status of the neighborhood

This calculator can be used by singles to evaluate their dementia risk and help them to alter their lifestyle. Due to this research, the researchers have introduced the first predictive tool designed to foreshow dementia at a population level. This tool can foreshow the numbers of the upcoming new cases within the society, inform dementia prevention strategies, identify higher-risk populations, and surely for used to provide hold up Canada’s national dementia master plan.

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