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What is Brother Polight’s real name? Motivational Speaker Polight Arrested Charged For Rape


It seems like brother Polight became an internet sensation as he got arrested and was charged for raping his girlfriend’s daughter, the news was a complete shock for many of the people as he is a motivational speaker. He is an American author and also a motivational speaker who has made his name being positive, he has written over 90 inspirational books, and with that, he is also a pretty multi-talented person, he is the inventor of Nuwaubian language, he has also been the CRIP superior who got caught in Federal Law for holding handguns.


What is Brother Polight’s real name?

Polight is also a specialist when it comes to studying religion. He has won various religious debates which are about Islam and Hebrew, he has recently made the headlines as he has raped a 14-year-old girl and that too, his girlfriend’s daughter, people are in total shock after hearing about what he has done. He has been dating his girlfriend naming Orocho who is at the age of 31 and the mother of the girl he has raped.

Polight Arrested

Also, he is getting real hate from the public who are outraging at him, he is married to four wives and was in a relationship with two other women which is outside his marriage. It seems like he has been released on a bail, the news seems to be really tragic and horrific as he is one of the most known faces when we talk about being an influencer, he was definitely the biggest celebrity in the country and it is just shocking how he treating women.





He is a bloody rapist and his girlfriend got to know about this as she saw her daughter who seems to be highly excited and she also saw the swelling in her body, after which she took her daughter to the hospital, and there it was revealed that she has been raped. She then went on to file a case against her boyfriend Polight.

Polight Net Worth

His net worth is being stated as $5 million, he has been earning a decent amount of money but it seems like he is not at all worthy of the attention and the love he has been receiving from the people, he is a total disgrace and society doesn’t require such people in roaming on the streets, he strictly needs to be punished for pulling this horrific act.

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