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What is Brian Houston Net Worth In 2021? Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Steps Down From Board


What is Brian Houston Net Worth In 2021? Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Steps Down From Board: Brian Houston is the founder of scandal-plagued Hillsong Church, he has stepped down from most of his positions at the Australia based mega-church which is ahead of a looming court date which is going to come next month, the decision has been made by him and he is stepping aside from his role on the Hillsong Church board.

Brian Houston

What is Brian Houston Net Worth In 2021?

There is an email has been written by Mr. Hosuton stating he has made his decision and he is going to be stepping aside from the roles which oversee the governance of the operations, he is at the age of 67 at this point in time, the mail has been seen by The Post.

He further stated, he is doing this so that the board can function in the best way possible during the course of the season, and even though his workload has reduced, he is still going to be the Global Senior Pastor, he stated this does not change his role as the Global Senior Pastor.

Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Steps Down

He further stated it is important for him to let the church family know about the interests of transparency and he wanted everyone to hear this from him directly, he also stated about his optimism which is about the future of the church, he stated he is still full of vision and stated this is going to be an exciting season ahead for the church.

Hillsong has not returned the request of The Post until now about speaking with them regarding his decision which he has taken for himself when it comes to his professional career, it is being speculated he has done this as he is dealing with a lot in his personal life as he has been accused of being a criminal.

He has been accused of concealing alleged child sex offenses which have been committed by his late father, the Pentecostal Pastor and pedophile Frank Houston, has been stated the authorities when his father was abusing a child sexually in the year 1970, he knew about it but never brought this upon to the attention of the authorities.

It has been stated by Houston as he gave a statement to The Post, the charges have come as a shock for him, he stated he is very transparent and he has always been, as a matter of fact, he stated he vouch for his innocence and he is going to defend these charges and he welcomes this opportunity to settle this for once and for all.

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