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What is Alex Is Not P Meaning? Viral Trend On Internet Explored!


What is Alex Is Not P Meaning? Viral Trend On Internet Explored! Alex is not “P” has been trending on the internet and receiving much response from the viewers. Yes, we are talking about the viral trend that has been creating a buzz on the internet. It all started when the popular rapper Young Thug became the victim of racism after being kicked off the plane. The clips of his dispute with pilot Alex have been going viral worldwide. The clips have been watched by many and are still, gaining responses. The netizens want to know the whole matter in detail. In this article, you will get all the information about Almatter and the viral trend on the internet.

What is Alex Is Not P Meaning? Viral Trend On Internet Explored!

Young Thug is a rapper who recently accused a pilot of racism after being removed from the plane. However, Thug was accompanied by another rapper Gunna with his other crew members on the plane. A proper video of the incident has been circulating all over the internet and getting immense responses from people. All the fans of Thug are very angry after the incident and continuously react to the news, showing their concern for the rapper.

What is Alex is Not P Meaning?

The statement “Alex is Not P Meaning” was asserted by Young Thug when he was kicked off from the plane by a pilot named Alex. He said this sentence in response to his claim that Alex is racist. Recently, he released a single featuring Future, he said that Pilot Alex is not P, which means not being a P means he is not a player or cool. Young Thug was traveling to New York on the plane where he had a scheduled show. However, a pilot destroyed all his traveling plans by removing him from the plane.


The nominee of the 2022 XXL Awards People’s Champ took his Instagram account and went live there on 12 January. He recorded himself getting removed from the private jet, owned by Clay Lacy Aviation. After which, he got furious because his team members were kicked off from the plane including him, that too without any explanation. In the viral video, we can see Thug asking the pilot why he landed the plane to which he replied that he better knew why. However, we got the full details of the incident in which we got to know that there is one more story from the pilot’s side which states, one of the crew members of the Thug team didn’t have a proper ID and one of them have also misbehaved with the flight attendant. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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