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What Happened with Steven Crowder? YouTuber Shares Selfie From Hospital Bad


For all fans of Steven Crowder, as you all know that Crowder has been hospitalized since July, and now it looks like that his health condition becomes worsen day by day. Steven is a media host and comedian as well. He is quite popular for his controversial acts on social media and somewhere else. However, he has a massive fan following but he often faces trolling for his own acts but currently, he has come into the spotlights for his health condition as he is not well. Through this article, our viewers will come to know about his recent updates on his health.

Steven Crowder

What Happened with Steven Crowder?

On July 27, he took his Instagram account to update his fans about his health. he wrote that last night his health become worsen, and currently he is feeling physically dead. As soon as he posted this, many users start trolling him. He posted his health update on both social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. The users reacted on Twitter, one of the users tweeted, “Remember the episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns is diagnosed with every disease ever but they all cancel each other out? that’s Steven Crowder.

For several years, he has become a controversial figure and is also best known for releasing homophobic comments. This year, in March, he made fun of a transwoman on Women’s Day by making a video in which he had been seen dressed up as a transwoman. In April, he was again criticized by the people when he created the murder of George Floyd. After all these controversies, if we talk about his personal life then he is quite a happy man with his wife, Hillary Crowder. The couple announced on 07 April that they were expecting twins but unfortunately, her wife suffered from a miscarriage.

Crowder has been continuously updating his fans about his health through social media platforms. On 01 July, he updated his fans about his surgery but didn’t reveal what type of surgery, he had. On July 11, he wrote on his Twitter account that his surgery was successful. He adds that he had that surgery to correct the shape of his breast bone, usually this surgery happens when the lungs and heart are damaged.

Steven Crowder is also an American-Canadian conservative political commentator. He is best known for hosting the Louder with Crowder show which is a daily political youtube and podcast channel. He is also an ex-contributor at Fox News. He also worked in the children’s television series titled “Arthur” as a voice actor. He has appeared in several movies including To Save A Life, The Covenant, The Secret, and many more.

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